Outdoor Fountains with Pools

When one thinks of outdoor fountains with pools they often picture Roman and Grecian courtyards or enchanted castles. There is something about a large basin of water resting on the ground that turns an ordinary fountain into a coveted landscaping centerpiece. Perhaps it is because you just cannot help but think that if you toss a penny in and make a wish, your dreams will come true, as they always do at the world's best wishing water features.

If you are like many others you are probably picturing a tiered water feature, as this style is most commonly associated with having a pool. However, here at Soothing Company, our selection goes far beyond what you are likely expecting. Just because a fountain has a pool does not mean that it needs tiers. Our Angella in Toscana Pool fountain proves this. It should also be noted that the pool does not have to be round, nor does the fountain need to offer classic styling. If you look at our Manhattan Fountain, you find a bold, contemporary piece made up of geometric shapes and an unconventional pool. There is also nothing traditional about it, yet it is absolutely perfect in every way.


Like all other water features, this variety will offer a multitude of benefits, but on a larger scale. A small solar garden fountain is perfect to draw attention to your flower beds, but a water feature with a pool will act as a focal point to your landscaping. It will essentially act like the diamond pendant necklace to the little black cocktail dress. This is the ultimate accessory for your outdoor living space.

When placed in the front yard, it is a major centerpiece. It gives your home more curb appeal, and even makes it appear more expensive. When used in the privacy of your backyard; it will create a tranquil oasis. Listening to the sound of water cascading to a pool below will drown away all your stress. Plus, the beautiful sound it makes will mask undesirable noise coming from your neighbor's house, or other parts of the neighborhood.

Choosing the Right One

Since these water features are so significant in size and demand so much attention, it is important that you choose one that will complement your space. If you already have a theme or color palette of some sort established, it should play a role in the fountain you choose. The goal is for the piece to become a focal point, not a major distraction.



Outdoor Fountains with Pools