Large Outdoor Fountains

Whether you have a massive yard that you just want to breathe new life into, or if you simply want to make your neighbors jealous, the large outdoor fountains here at Soothing Company will help you achieve your goal. This category on our website is comprised of many of our most coveted pieces. These water features will demand and receive attention, and can completely transform the look and feel of you outdoor living space.

If you think that there is no way one of these pieces will fit in your yard, you might be quite surprised. Most people shopping for a water feature have an idea of either what style they are looking for or where they want it to go. If you are thinking that you have to stick with a small piece because you don't have acres of lush green grass and mature evergreens dotting your property you are mistaken. A small fountain typically gets lost in a large yard, but a large one can do quite well in a smaller outdoor space. It can even give the illusion of a larger yard.

Keep in mind that because these pieces are so significant in size, choosing the right one and deciding on placement are two very important topics. For example, if you have a tropical-themed patio with colorful rugs, bamboo furniture, and a small tiki bar then adding one of our classic tiered water features with a weathered finish probably is not a great idea. However, adding one that goes along with the theme could be the ultimate icing on the cake. Our Grande Millennia Dolphin Outdoor Fountain is a great example.

Remember that when purchasing an art piece of this size, you want it to be a reflection of you, but you also want it to complement its surrounding environment, as well.


Here at the Soothing Company you will find these serene and beneficial large pieces of water art in an array of styles. For a landscaping centerpiece you may want to focus your attention on our tiered styles. For a simple, but bold contemporary piece, check out those with spheres and other geometrical shapes, such as our Bell Outdoor Fountain and Ball and Wok Outdoor Fountain. We have plenty of styles that will look sensational in a large space, of if you want one that mounts or stands against your home, check out our large water walls in this category too.


Large Outdoor Fountains