Garden Outdoor Fountains

Garden Outdoor Fountains

The garden outdoor fountains we offer here at The Soothing Company will create a powerful presence in your outdoor living space. Whether you are looking for a massive piece of art with a pool and tiers to act as a focal point in your front yard, or if you want one that will add just a little subtle charm to your garden, you are sure to find one here you love.


Outdoor garden fountains add depth and beauty to any space they occupy. Plus, the sound and visual appeal of cascading water is incredibly soothing. Whether you have a tiny plot with barely any privacy or if you have a massive yard, you can easily transform it into a tranquil oasis simply by adding a water element.

Outdoor water features invite birds and butterflies to drink, and they help block out noise from neighbors. If all this isn't enough, they just make you smile. It is nearly impossible to not feel your mood brighten when you look at something like our Zen Too Fountain. This pair of stone frogs in meditation pose would also be the perfect addition to an outdoor yoga or meditation space.


If you browse our selection you will find that there are more styles than you probably imagine. They are available in every size, material, color, and theme imaginable. We stock everything from the classic tiered style to a bold but simple basin topped with a gargoyle, lion head, or seashell.

You will also notice that many of our garden water features are made of cast stone. This is one of the most durable materials available. So, when cared for properly, these art pieces can last a lifetime. For a classic design, check out our selection with tiers and pools. If you like the way the water cascades on a tiered fountain but prefer something a little more modern, your Carrera Fountain may be of interest to you. Although simple in design, this is one that will create a captivating focal point no matter where it is placed in your landscaping.

If you are drawn to water features that incorporate the use of human figures, we have a full collection of them. From a boy with a puppy to a girl with a jug, you will find these magical pieces in an array of styles. Some even have LEDs and a place for a plant.

If you love art that showcases animals, then you are in for a special treat when you browse our selection. Here at The Soothing Company we have fantastic pieces that incorporate animals, including frogs, turtles, lions, and swans.

Garden Outdoor Fountains