Outdoor Fountains

Whether you are shopping for a large tiered fountain to act as a centerpiece for your front yard or if you simply need a small garden water feature to nestle amongst your roses, you are sure to find exactly what you are looking for here at the Soothing Company. Outdoor fountains can drastically change the dynamics of your outdoor living space, or act simply as a subtle highlight to an often overlooked flowerbed.


As you browse our selection, you will discover that we have these soothing, decorative pieces in every size, style, material, theme, and color imaginable.

  • Garden - This category offers unique pieces made to resemble tree trunks, rocks, bamboo, and more. You can place them virtually anywhere, and many have LED lights too, so they can be admired at night.
  • Wall - Make the exterior of your home or business a little more interesting and worthy of a second glance with these unique pieces. Water will appear to be cascading from the wall of the structure.
  • Solar - Add a water feature to those places far from electric outlets, or simply reduce your carbon footprint with solar fountains.
  • Tiered - For classic elegance, you cannot go wrong with tiered water features. Watching the stream cascade from one level to the next is as beautiful as it is soothing.
  • Cast Stone - This is one of our most diverse categories. Cast stone is a wonderful material that can be manipulated into any shape, given a gorgeous finish, and it is durable. Some of our grandest pieces fall in this category, such as the magnificent Plumbed Extra Large Lion Fountain.
  • Outdoor Fountains with Pools - Nothing will add value and mystery to your home like an outdoor fountain with pool showcased in the front yard. These are perfect to place in front of a large circular driveway.
  • Waterfall - If you prefer a more natural look, you will love the waterfall fountains we have. Many of these are created to look like a rock face, and many have LEDs so you can continue to enjoy them in the evening. These are perfect for flowerbeds, along a walkway, or around a deck or porch to increase visibility at night.
  • Sphere - Geometric shapes have exploded in popularity in contemporary decorating, especially spheres. We offer a diverse collection here at Soothing Company, sometimes allowing the sphere to stand alone, and other times pairing it with other bold shapes. Our Obtuse Outdoor Fountain with Ball is a great example.
  • Glass - Contrary to popular belief, glass is not just for indoor use. When the sun hits the glass and creates a kaleidoscope of colors in the water, you will understand why glass outdoor fountains have become so popular.
  • Asian - Flowing water has an ancient symbolic meaning in Asian culture and religion, so it only makes sense that there would be an Asian category. You will find Buddha, pagoda, Zen, a geisha girl, and more.
  • Animal - Whether you want a large piece with a noble lion or if you are after something a bit more charming and fun like our Tree Stump Frog Fountain, you will find many different animal species in this category.
  • Angel - Give your outdoor space a taste of innocence with the cherubs featured on these pieces.
  • Urn - These symbolic and beautiful pieces will add depth to any outdoor space they occupy.
  • People - If you need to add a little character to your space, this is easily achieved with people outdoor fountains. We have plenty of charming pieces showcasing children as well as those that are a bit more sophisticated, such as our Venus Fountain in Grando Pool.
  • Corner - These water features are ideal to nestle into a corner on your deck or covered porch, or you can use them to create an illusion of a corner or create a boundary line for your property.

Outdoor Fountains

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