Large Water Walls

Large Water Walls

When you come face-to-face with a large water wall for the first time, it is an experience you won't likely forget. You can't help but feel your heart beat a little faster. It may even take your breath away. When you have one of these divine pieces of art in your home, you will feel like this all the time. You will never simply get used to it being there and overlook it like other art pieces. These are water features you can't help but feel soothed and inspired around. Not to mention, you will never get tired of the warm, fuzzy, and proud feeling you experience when you see the expression on the face of your guests when they have the pleasure of seeing it for the first time too.

As their name implies, these massive water walls give the illusion of a waterfall in your home. As if 6 feet isn't extraordinary enough, here at The Soothing Company, we have some that are as tall as 10 feet or as wide as 16 feet. Our 16 Foot Sorcery Wall Fountain is an exquisite example of turning your wall into a true piece of art. The image of this artistic piece is literally hand-painted on an acrylic panel. It is framed in pure copper and accented with backlighting.

Freestanding vs. Wall-mounted

Large water features can come in freestanding and wall-mounted varieties. If you have an empty wall dying for some art, then a wall-mounted variety would be perfect. If you have a little floor space you can do without, check out our selection of floor-standing moderns ones. These are also ideal to nestle into an awkward empty corner that you can't figure out what to do with.

You will also notice that we carry both center and back-mounted varieties. You will need to decide where you want to place your water feature before settling on a style. A back-mounted variety will rest right up against a wall while a center-mounted fountain is designed to enjoy from every angle.


Deciding on a style will not be an easy decision. We carry a diverse selection of them. Here you will find everything from glass and mirror to abstract art. We even have the coveted 8-foot Amazonia Wall Fountain that virtually brings a waterfall into your home.

The best advice you can follow is to buy for the room it will occupy; not your personal taste. That artistic piece may be calling your name, but if you have a themed room, it will become a negative distraction. Decide on a location in the room and whether you want a floor or wall-hanging variety, and then consider the color palette, theme, and other décor pieces when making your decision.

Large Water Walls