Bubble Floor Fountains

 If you are just now being introduced to bubble floor fountains you are certainly not alone. This is a newer design, and it has become a hot commodity in the world of interior design. They are unique, fun, lively, and even a little bit funky. They also have a way of becoming the topic of conversation in every home and business they occupy.

Here at Soothing Company we feel that every interior living space needs some type of water element. However, we also understand that not everyone is drawn to the more traditional styling. Bubble floor water features are the answer. They are anything but ordinary, and perfect for the person who prefers to stand out from the crowd. They are also ideal for the game or media room, or finished bar where guests may get a little mischievous with an open-water source. Since, the water is contained inside, you never have to worry about anything except the occasional finger print from people who cannot resist the urge to touch it.

How They Work

Rather than water cascade down, like what is seen in other water features, it is the movement of bubbles that you get to appreciate in this variety. Although they look like glass, they are typically made of heavy duty acrylic, which most prefer.

The bubbles are pushed in an upward movement, which is highlighted by accent lighting. In some cases, there are chambers that guide the bubbles upward. This is what is seen in our Water Panel Wave Medium Bubble Floor Fountain. Otherwise, the bubbles flow in random directions; our Midwest Tropical Large Aqua Column Floor Fountain is a great example.


Although you do not hear the sound of cascading water, the bubble movement itself is very relaxing. You cannot help but feel yourself drawn into them until you blink and wonder how long you have been starring. The hypnotic appeal is very relaxing. Plus, if you have pets or little ones, you do not have to worry about toys ending up inside, nor will it becomes a water dish. This also makes them a smart choice for nearly any type of business where people might be tempted to touch the water.

One thing is for sure this is the type of fountain that will have your guests talking. If you have very simple furniture and décor, one of these will make your space more modern, as well. You do not necessarily need new furniture; a bubble fountain will provide the same dramatic effect.

Bubble Floor Fountains