Wall Fireplaces

The Soothing Company offers a large selection of wall fireplaces including some of the most popular styles and finishes suited to fit all your design needs. The Soothing Company’s selection of quality brand wall fireplaces are sold in your choice of Ethanol Wall Fireplaces or Electric Wall Fireplaces.

Wall fireplaces offer a unique touch and create a warm and inviting atmosphere for any home or office space. They can also elevate the decor of your modern home by giving it a sophisticated and contemporary feel. Because they vary in size and style, the wall fireplaces found in our catalog offer a lot of versatility in their placement within your home or business and are guaranteed to make a bold statement wherever they are placed, especially when you can change the color of the flames! Check out our line of electric wall fireplaces and find a design with your favorite color.

A few of the models in our catalog of wall fireplaces allow for color and size to be customized. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, contact the Soothing Company by phone, email, or here and let us help you create the perfect wall fireplace for your home or business. 

Wall fireplaces are perfect for homes, apartments, and businesses. Are you worried that you are unable to have a fireplace at your house because you rent? No need to fret, electric fireplaces don’t require any special tools to install and can be used in apartments without worry. These units are safe to use and won't damage the property.

Wall fireplaces come in different styles with most recent models coming in a ventless configuration. Most wall fireplaces don't require any expensive ducting to be installed. You don't need to hire an electrician, carpenter, or any other professional to get your fireplace up and running.

These unique devices are also eco-friendly and won’t stain your carpet, drapes, or furniture. Place a wall fireplace with confidence in your home. Don't you hate smelling like smoke after leaving the comfort of a fireplace? Unfortunately, traditional fireplaces produce harmful toxins that can stain your belongings. Avoid this dirty trap by investing in an electric wall fireplace today.

It wasn't that long ago that adding a fireplace to your home would cost thousands of dollars and require hours of installation. Today, thanks to advancements in technology, anyone can enjoy a wall fireplace in their home. Curl up with a loved one and get comfy in front of your new wall fireplace from The Soothing Company.

Wall Fireplace Features

Electric wall fireplaces offer homeowners a plethora of unique features to control their fire feature. You can dial in the intensity of your flames on many units. Many units provide the ability to switch the flame’s colors as well. In addition to all of the flame options, you get wireless control via remote control. All of these features make wall fireplaces ideal for any homeowner.

Huge Selection

The Soothing Company offers a vast selection of wall fireplaces to fit your decorative needs. Wall fireplaces range in size and styles. Our catalog includes all of today’s most popular styles and finishes. Take your decor to the next level with a high-quality wall fireplace and start enjoying your home or office more.

Modern Wall Fireplaces

Today’s modern decor requires an elegant touch. The Soothing Company can give your home or business a sophisticated contemporary feel that can make an unused room into the perfect spot to cozy up with loved ones. Open spaces are a popular feature in modern design, and with our Ignis Double Sided fireplace, you can keep your floor plan open and airy. Modern wall fireplaces can be found in trendy spas across the globe, and now you can enjoy their realistic soothing flame effects in the privacy of your home.

Personalize Your Wall Fireplace

The Soothing Company understands that your decor is an extension of your personality and that is why we offer our customers a plethora of finishes. Choose between metal, wood, ceramic, and stone finishes to make a statement with your decor. 

Easy Light

If you are looking for convenience in your next fireplace, you should consider an electric wall fireplace. These units give homeowners a real advantage regarding ease of use. Press a button, and your realistic flame effects come to life. Long gone are the days of going to cut logs in the snow for the fireplace.

Electric Wall Fireplaces - More than Good Looks

Add a stunning conversation piece to your home, office, or club with the Sierra Flame 88". Electric fireplaces are more than just decor though; they are also a great way to add supplemental heat to your home or office. Get cozy with one of these easy to install units. Most units operate of off a standard 120V outlet. Turn off the heat in the summer and continue to enjoy the flame effects throughout the night. 


The Soothing Company Quality

When it comes to quality wall fireplaces, nobody can provide you with a better selection than The Soothing Company. Only the finest materials are used in the construction of our wall fireplaces. We offer costume and hand-finished options to help you find the exact fit you desire, every time. Join the growing number of homeowners enjoying the comfort provided by a wall fireplace.