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Finding the perfect TV & media console to fit your needs can seem like an endless choir. The internet is filled with endless options, but how do you know that these choices are truly quality built products? Save yourself the hassle and disappointment of purchasing a sub-par TV & media console by shopping directly with The Soothing Company. Each of our units are hand selected for their unique styling and excellent quality specifications. Your media center is an important part of your living space and choosing the perfect TV console can transform your boring TV room into a captivating relaxation zone. Get the best quality and selection when you shop for your TV & media consoles from The Soothing Company.

As a home owner, you are constantly making improvements to your living space. Your TV & Media consoles are no different. These items are an important part of your decor. Your guests and family members will appreciate the extra effort you put into finding the perfect TV console for your home. Match the finish and style to your decor to create a seamless feel throughout your home. No matter what your decor styling is, you are sure to find the perfect TV & media console options at The Soothing Company.

Full Size

A Full size TV & media console can be the perfect option for anyone looking to transform an entire wall into their entertainment center. These units provide you with all of the room you need to fit your TV, game consoles, media entertainment, and a plethora of other items such as family pictures. Full size media consoles give you the room you need to hide away the clutter and keep your living space looking great.

There are some important advantages to these units. You can store all of your entertainment needs in one location. This convenience helps to keep your living room organized and looking great. There is also plenty of room for family portraits, unique decor, and other items which you would like to showcase. Many of these units feature built in accent lighting to highlight these items.


Small TV & media consoles provide you with a streamlined method in which to keep your living room organized and looking great. Unlike their large counterparts, these units are designed to hold your most important media devices. This can include your game consoles, computer towers, DVD players, and cable box.

Small TV & media consoles are a smart decision for any room in the house. Add one to your bedroom to give your personal space an added touch of elegance. These units are the ideal selection for those who live in apartments or anywhere where their available spacing is limited. Keep your home organized and your guests happy with one of our exclusively designed small TV & media centers.

Hidden TV

If you are the type of person that prefers to keep their TV hidden from sight until in use, then a hidden TV media console can be the right choice for you. These units feature retractable TV mounts that fold away your TV when not in use. Hidden TV consoles are becoming hugely popular across the globe. Homeowners appreciate the subtle manner in which these stands allow you to store your media.

Hidden TV consoles operate via remotely operated trap door. Your TV is securely stored out of harm’s way with this style of media console. Most units can be activated with a push of a button. You will never tire of seeing your guests delight when your TV emerges from a secret trap door in your media center.

Hidden TV consoles are gaining in popularity now that they are finally affordable for the general public. It wasn't too long ago that you needed to get these consoles specially created on an individual basis. This process was timely and extremely expensive. Today you can avoid these costs by going with a hidden TV console from The Soothing Company

High Quality

Your TV & media console need to last you for years to come. This is why we put all of our media consoles through a rigorous multi-point safety and quality inspection process. Here, our expert staff reviews the construction and durability of our units prior to offering them to our clients. In this way, The Soothing Company is able to continue offering the highest quality media centers in the market.

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