Soothing Collection

Take your relaxation to the next level with one of our signature products from the Soothing Collection. Your comfort is priority one when shopping these unique items. Enjoy a relaxing bubble bath on a whole new level with a bath pillow from our Soothing Collection. These comfy bathing accessories allow you to get the most out of your relaxation time. The comfort doesn't need to stop there either; you can pamper yourself with a fluffy weighted blanket. These weighted blankets add the right amount of comfort whether you are relaxing on one of our bean bag chairs, or in your bed. No matter where you find your peaceful place, The Soothing Company is ready to provide you with the perfect complement to your relaxation zone.

The Soothing Collection is our hand-selected choices for those who take their relaxation seriously. Each of these products has been chosen because of its specific relaxing properties. The Soothing Collection is all about you and helping you find the perfect touch to take your relaxation to the next level.

Bath Pillows

Nothing helps a person relax more than a soothing bath. Baths are the perfect way to shut out the world and enjoy some privacy. While baths are incredibly relaxing, you may find that the tub you are using doesn't provide you with the level of back and neck support needed to reach peak relaxation levels. Now you can get even more out of your bath time with a bath pillow from the Soothing Company.

Secure Stay

Our bath pillows are designed to stay securely in place while you enjoy your relaxation time. Finding the perfect bath pillow can be a chore, and you will need a pad that is both comfortable, and secure. A moving pillow can cause undesired stress. It can also create a safety hazard if your neck and head lose support.

Full Support

Head and neck support is the essential feature that a bath pillow can provide. You need to be comfortable, as well as safe when enjoying a calming bath. The Soothing Collection bath pillows offer full support to your lumbar, neck, and spine. Weather you need support for just your head, or a full body bath pillow, we can help you find one to fit your needs.


Your bath pillow is going to need to stay mildew free, even after repeated uses. This necessity is precisely why all of our bath pillows in the Soothing Collection include an anti-mildew coating. This coating prevents mildew and mold from forming after your pillow has been soaked repeatedly. You purchase a bath pillow to relax, not to spend your days cleaning off mildew.

Machine Washable

The Soothing Collection bath pillows are 100% machine washable. You can place the units in your washing machine to keep them looking, smelling, and feeling great. The excellent craftsmanship of these products allows you to machine wash your bath pillow with confidence.

Weighted Blankets

After enjoying a relaxing bath, there is no need to stop the pampering. A weighted blanket from the Soothing Collection will have you feeling like you are being snuggled by the clouds. These extra-comfy blankets utilize a combination of quality materials, and excellent design, to keep you comfortable all night long. Stop tossing and turning during those long winter nights, and start maximizing our sleep with a weighted blanket from The Soothing Company.

More Selection

The Soothing Company offers both child and adult weighted blankets. Now the entire family can enjoy a better night’s sleep with a weighted blanket. Children love weighted blankets to because of their added comfort. Your children will appreciate the added warmth provided by these extremely comfy blankets.

Wrinkle and Fade Resistant

Our entire selection of weighted blankets features both fade and wrinkle resistant properties. The Soothing Company understands how important it is to keep your weighted blanket looking great. Now you can say goodbye to wrinkly, or faded comforters.

Minimalist Design

The Soothing Selection weighted blankets feature a minimalist design that is sure to fit into any homes decor with ease. These units are the perfect complement to your styling. Best of all, the fabrics used in the construction of these blankets are suitable for all seasons. Your body can breathe in the summer and heat is retained during the cold winter nights.

The Soothing Collection Difference

Relaxation is an integral part of your day. When you don't find time to unwind, your personal and business relationships can start to suffer. Now you can guarantee that you are getting a full nights rest, regardless of the temperature, with one of our lovely weighted blankets. Transform our bathroom and bedroom into a seamless home spa with the Soothing Collection, and stop fiddling about in an attempt to get comfortable. Now you can always enjoy a relaxing night at home thanks to the Soothing Collection.