Roth Fountain

Par AmmodramusLabour an-unan, CC0, Lien

Iowa is a great place to enjoy not only for the Roth Fountain but also for the rest of its main attractions. The Roth Fountain as a primary attraction is situated between the corners of 4th & Virginia on the Promenade. This fountain is considered historical since it looks much like the Exchange Building in 1915 which was placed in The Yards Area. It has four basins with a pool that is in hexagon shape. The fountain’s elements are taken from the design of the Woodbury County Court House.

The Aalfs Courtyard is considered a green space where an amazing mural is placed. It was created by a team of local artists which feature of buildings that do no longer exist in Downtown Sioux City. Next is the Anderson Dance Pavillion which is situated on the riverfront. It has a covered dance floor which is pretty much enjoyed by many during prime events of the city like Labor Day Weekend or the Big Parades.

The Flight 232 Memorial celebrates the heroism of the community rescuers who helped during the crash of the United Flight 232 in 1989. It has a statue which shows Colonel Dennis Nielson rescuing a kid to safety.

The Sculpt Siouxland Project is an annual exhibit which features sculptures from well renowned artists in the local and international scene. This is held free for the public and displayed along the streets. The entire event closes with an auction held live for all the works of the participating artists.

The Historic 4th Street District is packed with all the best 19th century buildings of the commercial era in the city. Cocooned in the center of downtown, this Historic 4th Street renders great food, amazing nightlife and exquisite shopping experience.

The Sioux City Art Center is the cornerstone of the district full of cultural attractions. It has a sophisticated three story atrium made of glass adorned with maze fashioned tiles. It houses a collection of about 900 works of both traditional and contemporary art works. The center also has galleries especially dedicated to a few renowned artists and features a growing collection of more works including the Grant Wood Mural.

Another national landmark of the city is the Woodbury County Courthouse which was created in 1918 and painted by John W. Norton. It is considered as the biggest prairie style building worldwide. While for those who are sports fanatics, the Tyson Events Center is what Sioux City has to offer. It has a 10,000 seater for indoor football events, concerts, and even women’s basketball championships.

For classical theatre, the Orpheum is a restored 1927 theatre located right in the center of the cultural district of downtown city. It has an elegant lobby and a stylish bar rendering awesome setting for any kind of meetings and serve as impressive wedding receptions. Whatever is the size of a group, the unique surroundings of the theatre can surely handle a huge crowd topped with the professional and incomparable service presented by its staff.