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Make the Most Out of Your Concrete Bench to Maximize Curb Appeal

Take your time when sorting through the extensive inventory of concrete benches.  Choose the one that is best for your unique yard or garden and it will significantly improve your property’s curb appeal.  Some people will even stop to take a look at your concrete bench, ultimately making your property and those adjacent to yours that much more valuable.  Even if your concrete bench is added to a small backyard garden, it will improve your property’s value, beauty and comfort that much more. 

Maximize the Utility and Beauty of Your Concrete Bench

The best concrete benches have considerable value in terms of aesthetics and utility.  A visually striking concrete bench will steer people toward your property, especially when it is eventually put on the market for sale.  However, outdoor benches are that much more valuable when they are comfortable and serve several purposes.

A small concrete bench for your garden, patio or backyard space that has just enough room for you to comfortably read a book or the newspaper might not be ideal for your unique yard.  A large concrete bench can also be used as a family seating space by a fire pit.  Alternatively, those who live alone and those looking for peaceful solitude in their backyard will benefit more from a small but comfortable concrete bench.

Homeowners with large families or expansive social circles will likely prefer a curved stone bench surrounded by lovely green grass, flowers, plants and other aesthetically pleasing additions.  Some homeowners placed such curved stone benches by fire pits so everyone in the family, friends and others can sit around the fire together. 

Above all, the concrete bench you select should be positioned with the perfect view of your garden or other property features.  Think long and hard about the size, type and positioning of the bench so it accommodates yourself as well as your guests while providing the best possible view of your yard’s beauty.

The Elegant and Artful Addition That Completes Your Garden or Yard

Though regular concrete is not the most visually striking natural stone, concrete benches can be modified according to your unique visual preferences.  Add colorful cushions to your stone bench and you will always have a comfortable place to sit. 

Allow some ivy to grow along the bottom of the bench and this addition to your yard will provide considerable curb appeal.  Add a concrete pathway from the patio to the bench and your property will look truly amazing, making your home that much more inviting to guests and also potential buyers down the line when you eventually transition to new digs.

Built-in Concrete Benches are Coveted

Just about everyone wants to buy a home with a built-in bench.  Such outdoor seating is ideal for those who have large families as well as those who plan on inviting people over for parties.  A built-in bench helps to organize the outdoor area, providing the best possible view of the garden as well as the surrounding landscape.  Ideally, the built-in garden will be positioned in a manner that allows for a circular orientation, inspiring social activity and inclusivity.

Sweat the Small Stuff of the Surrounding Aesthetic

The concrete bench you select for your garden is only one piece of the visual puzzle.  The surrounding decorations, greenery and other visual elements ultimately shape the overarching aesthetic of your property.  Carefully select the visual components for your yard and they will perfectly complement the concrete bench’s natural beauty. 

Consider adding visual niceties near the stone bench including:

  • Hanging planters
  • Bushes under sills
  • Cement planters with stylized motifs
  • Colorful flowers

Even a subtlety such as a tile garden path leading up to the concrete bench will make a powerful impact in terms of look as well as feel.  When in doubt, use your mind’s eye to envision what the bench and surrounding components will look like.  Think long and hard about the aesthetics of your garden and yard.  Consider how your neighbors, potential home-seekers and others would perceive the potential additions. 

If you still aren’t satisfied with the look of your new concrete garden bench or the look of the yard as a whole during the planning and design process, don’t be afraid to inject some additional visual pizzazz.  Adding a curved bench, a backless bench that also functions as a table or even implementing a couple colorful additions adjacent to the bench will maximize the beauty of your property.