Indoor Decorating Tips

Advantages of Adding Ottomans to Your Home

Ottomans are like berries; you cannot just have one! Well, you can start with one, but once you realize what you have been missing and people start fighting over it, you will quickly add a few more. Ottomans are nothing new. They first appeared in 1729, and although the styles have changed, the concept remains the same.

Ottomans are also commonly referred to as a footstools, pouffes, hassocks, and tuffets. It used to be common to find them hollowed out and used for storage. Today, the most popular varieties are in the bean bag department, and some even feature pockets to hold remote controls, magazines, MP3 players, and more. The Sit-E-Block Bean Bag we have here at the Soothing Company is a great example. This versatile piece comes in an array of colors and patterns, and surprisingly, it weighs only 3 pounds!

Not Just a Footstool 

Some people hear the word “ottoman” and immediately picture someone sitting on a chair or sofa, with their legs extended and feet on the ottoman. Today, these fun pieces of furniture are just as commonly used as seats. They are ideal for a media, game, or dorm room, or they can be scattered around a living room, waiting for the overflow of guests. You might be surprised at how many people pass up the opportunity to sit on a chair or sofa and choose the ottoman instead. They even make great pet beds.


The first thing you will discover when you browse our selection is that they are available in a variety of sizes, styles, and materials. Some still follow the traditional cylindrical styling, but there are also square and wedge-shaped ones, too. You will also find that bean bag ottomans are extremely popular; primarily because they are unbelievable comfortable to sit on, and they last for a really long time.

Choosing a style 

The great thing about ottomans is they do not all have to match. Not only do they not have to match one another, they do not necessarily need to match the room either. In most cases, you will find they get moved from one room to the next anyway since they are so lightweight. If you have a room decorated in all earth tones or a contemporary space made up of black and white, an ottoman is the perfect piece to buy in a bright or contrasting color to add a dynamic focal point to the space.

If you have a lot of straight lines in the room caused by the entertainment center, coffee and end tables, electronics, etc., then stick with a round ottoman to create balance. However, if you already have a lot of round elements thanks to a giant bean bag chair, round coffee table, and area rug then you might want to consider a square option. Our Mod Square is a popular pick, as it is available in two gorgeous fabrics, and a variety of colors

Bean Bagimals | Fun and Cozy Seating Option for Kids

Made from soft, huggable and colorful fabrics, a Bean Bagimal is  perfect for any child. Available in lovable, friendly animals including Elliott the Elephant, Lisa the Ladybug, Dash the Dog,  Ferguson the Fish and Barry the Bird.  All bean bagimals are filled with UltimaX Polystyrene Beans for superior comfort and double-stitched and have double-locking zippers for safety. These kids’ bean bags feature tough, durable outer fabric that resist staining and spills. Just wipe these bean bagimals clean with a damp cloth and he is ready to go! The strong filler cushions ergonomically so your child can enjoy hours of comfortable lounging.
Elliot the Elephant Bean Bagimal 
Elliot the Elephant packs a “trunkfull” of fun. Portable and lightweight, Elliot The Elephant can travel with your child anywhere he or she wants to go for instant seating options. This fun bean bag  features a tough, durable outer fabric that resists staining and spills. Just wipe Elliot clean with a damp cloth and he is ready to go! The strong filler cushions ergonomically so your child can enjoy hours of comfortable lounging.
Lisa the Ladybug Bean Bagimal
This Lisa the Ladybug Bean Bagimal is the softest friend a child will ever love! With a cute face and fun antennas, this red bean bag features incredible detailing to win your child’s heart and make this his or her favorite seat. It features a plush fabric exterior and loftier polystyrene beads called UltimaX. Your child will love the Lisa the Ladybug styling.
Dash the Dog Bean Bagimal 
Ferguson the Fish Bean Bagimal 
This Ferguson the Fish Bean Bagimal is sure to become your best junior furniture purchase ever. This puffy friend is made from plush fabric. Ferguson the Fish is destined to become your child’s go-to seating option when watching television, reading or just relaxing anywhere. The durable outer fabric is soft and luxurious, cradling your child in comfort.

Barry the Bird Bean Bagimal 

This Barry the Bird Bean Bagimal is comfortable and designed to brighten up your child’s room in a fun way. Between flights, Barry the Bird Bean Bagimal takes a break in the playroom and makes others comfortable when he does it. The cute bird styling will make this a favorite of kids everywhere and build on imaginative skills. Conveniently, this chair is lightweight and portable so you can take it to family gatherings or sleepovers easily.

Types of Aquariums

Aquariums have a way of bringing unparalleled beauty to any room or setting and are also very beneficial in relieving stress. This is why you find aquariums in so many medical and dental offices today. There are several types of aquariums and  every aquarium is unique and the life it brings will add vibrancy to whichever room you choose to place it in.
Wall Aquariums
You don’t need to find space inside the room for an aquarium if you decide to opt for a Wall Aquarium. 
Table Aquariums
They can be used as a great corner piece or can be a substitute for your coffee tables! 
Small / Medium Aquariums
A small or medium sized tank, for rooms where you have space, but not a big space available
Clock Aquariums
 Guests tend to not look at the clock so often, unless you have this timepiece that is also a decorative home for fish
Large Aquariums / Free Standing Aquariums
They can be the focal point for any room, or a room divider and can also be used as a great corner piece.


Massage Chairs

Almost everyone is all wound up so tight these days and most of us barely have enough time to finish our daily tasks that it feels we been walking around on edge- muscles knotted and tense.

Massage therapy is a common method of relaxation of the body and mind however, making an appointment to go to the massage therapist is almost all the time, out of the question. One more hindrance to the massage therapist, aside from the lack of time, is the cost. Every time you go, it costs you a small fortune. You feel great for a day and then are back to normal, tired, sore and stressed out. Investing in a massage chair is an excellent idea. Compared to the costs of having a massage from a professional masseuse on a regular basis, the chair can pay for itself in under a year. Besides, massage chairs are possibly the most comfortable chairs you will ever sit in.
Omega M-2 Negative Ion Massage Chair 
The Omega M-2 Negative Ion Massage Chair features negative ion that is designed to raise the oxygen density in the air. Increased oxygen density has been shown to increase energy levels, reduce fatigue and promote natural enjoyment.
Omega Montage Elite Massage Chair
The Omega Montage Elite Massage Chair features an infrared body scan which scans your shoulder position and the curvature of your back to detect the exact acupoints unique to you.
Omega Serenity Zero Gravity Massage Chair
The Omega Serenity Zero Gravity Massage Chair has the most features offered in a zero gravity recliner. It is also full of therapeutic features to address your relaxation needs. This is a hybrid of a beautiful recliner with therapeutic features which is a first in the massage chair industry.
It is a unique looking massage chair that can bring elegance to any room in your house. The fine craftsmanship and beautiful wood chair back cover and 360 degree swivel base make this recliner a real show piece.
Omega Skyline Zero Gravity Massage Chair 
The Omega Skyline Zero Gravity Massage Chair is a sleek massage chair that brings sophistication and elegance to any room. It has a beautiful wood chair back cover that is perfect for your decorating and styling needs. This recliner is excellent for both relaxation and for providing relief for your body.
Omega Montage Premier Massage Chair
The Omega Montage Premier Massage Chair starts with an infrared scan of your back. The infrared scan detects your shoulder height and the curvature of your back. The software then adjusts the massage to your body readings for a great massage.

 Indoor Bonsai Trees | Because Green is in

Bring the lush green into your own home with an indoor bonsai tree. This amazing and natural piece is perfect for that tranquil look. Plus, enjoy the benefits of growing them and their upkeep- centuries long practice that have instilled discipline and bring a sense of peace to their owners.

Here are some indoor bonsai trees to choose from:

Hawaiian Umbrella Indoor Bonsai Tree with Pool

Interested in bonsai but not sure where to start? Begin here. This attractive, fuss-free tree sports shiny compact leaves. The Hawaiian Umbrella Indoor Bonsai Tree with Pool is one of the easiest bonsai to maintain and does extremely well in low light environments, making it perfect for the office or home.

Sago Palm Indoor Bonsai Tree

The Sago Palm Indoor Bonsai Tree is a fun way to add a palm to your home!  This low maintenance bonsai tree is easy to grow as it does not need direct sunlight.  This tropical plant is great as a gift or even as an office plant!  Add the Sago Palm Indoor Bonsai Tree to your home today!
Gensing Grafted Ficus Bonsai Tree
This sturdy bonsai tree clearly embodies strength with it’s thick, sturdy roots that are exposed.  It can adapt to different amounts of light making it on the easier side to grow.  Give the Gensing Grafted Ficus Bonsai Tree as a gift – ideal for anyone who wants to enjoy the sight of an indoor Bonsai Tree!

Eastern Leaf Lucky Bamboo Simple Square Favor

Eastern Leafoffers you a new and exciting way for a memorable event! This Lucky Bamboo Bonsai Souvenir items could also double as a centerpiece. Add an elegant touch to your next event with this favor. The base price reflects the price of the glass vase with one 4″ stick bamboo. You may add options to design your own custom arrangement including the desired number of sticks, river rocks, or colored marbles.

5 Year Pomegranate Indoor Bonsai Tree

The 5 Year Pomegranate Indoor Bonsai Tree is one of the most interesting  bonsai trees to grow!  This beautiful Pomegranate tree blooms with orange leaves spring through summer, and then produces pomegranate in October.  This dwarf pomegranate bonsai will thrive indoors.  You will love the fruits of your labor with the Pomegranate Indoor Bonsai Tree!


Things to Put In an Awkward Corner

Do you have an empty corner in your room that you do not know what to do with? Most people do. You do not want to throw just anything there because then it will actually “look” like you are trying to fix an awkward space. This can especially be a problem in a large room. Well, below are a few things you can nestle in there nicely to make the most of this valuable real estate.

Floor Water Fountains

Why not turn that dreadful corner into the focal point of your room? This is exactly what floor water fountains are capable of doing. These beneficial pieces of art are available in a variety of sizes and materials, so there is one to complement any space. Just position it on an angle and suddenly your corner becomes the most beautiful spot in the room. If you have a small space, consider mirror, as it will make the room appear larger.

 Corner Fireplaces

Most people have no idea these even exist, so if this the first you are hearing of them you are not alone. Corner fireplaces are available in gel and electric options. Some are even designed to hold a flatscreen and others are convertible, so they can be positioned against a wall, as well. If you have a super contemporary environment, you might want to consider a bio ethanol freestanding fireplace, and just place it on an angle like you would the floor fountain.

 Bean Bag Chairs

Many try to squeeze a chair here, but it never seems to look quite right. This is not a problem you will have with a bean bag chair. These fun and ultra-comfortable pieces of furniture will sit in that corner perfectly. If you do a lot of entertaining and never seem to have enough seating you could buy several small bean bags and stack or cluster them in the corner for guests to grab and move, as needed.


If you are going to decorate your corner with foliage, let it be spectacular. Choose a large palm that clean the air, or create a display of bonsai trees that make the space calming. These are living pieces of art that can offer a display as eye-catching as a painting or sculpture.


If you have a large room, you could create an amazing focal point with a medley of elements. Position the floor water feature on an angle and cluster bonsai or bamboo around it. Perhaps set a freestanding fireplace nearby to complement the water flows, as they are both feng shui elements.


Alternative Heat Sources for Your Home

Other than the fact that a furnace provides heat there is absolutely nothing exciting about running one. Some older models are incredibly loud and distracting, forcing you to increase the volume on the TV every time it kicks on, and all will increase your utility bill. Unfortunately, going without heat is not something you can do unless you live somewhere really hot, like the southernmost tip of Texas. There are other heat sources though that you can use, and some will cost less than your furnace to run. You may not be able to turn your furnace off completely, but you can certainly turn it down while using alternative options.

 Electric Wall Fireplaces

Many people assume electric wall fireplaces increase a utility bill a substantial amount. This is actually not true. Quality electric fireplaces use about as much electricity as your coffeemaker, and that is it. They literally cost pennies per hour to operate. Plus, they create ambiance, which is something your furnace certainly is not capable of doing. There are even some that let you turn the heat off completely, if you want to continue to enjoy the ambiance through the warm summer months.

Gel Fireplace

Gel for gel fireplaces is made of gelled isopropyl alcohol. The flame is toasty warm yet it creates no smoke, so you can use it indoors without a chimney. You simply peel the label off a can, add it to your gel fireplace, and ignite. It provides a realistic flame. Some people even keep a stock of these cans of gel to use without a fireplace in case the power goes out.

Bio Ethanol Fireplaces

Like gel varieties, bio ethanol fireplaces are also environmentally-friendly. Bio ethanol is a liquid fuel that you add to a bio fuel fireplace. It is made from fermented sugars of sustainable crops, such as beets and potatoes. It does not create smoke either. Unlike electric fireplaces though, there is no way to enjoy the ambiance of a flame without the heat.

Portable Heaters

You have to be really careful with portable heaters because some will draw a lot of energy. The idea is to buy one that provides a nice amount of heat without hogging a lot of electricity. This is also a nice heat source if the power goes out, if you have an inverter or generator. Some people even choose to use kerosene heaters as a supplemental heat source, as well.


6 Recessed Design Ideas for Your Wall

Do you have stunning pieces of wall art, but you look around the room and feel like there is just something missing? Maybe none of the art is creating the focal point you had hoped for. Perhaps you are just ready for a change or want to take your decorating to the next level to make everyone you know green with envy. Whatever the case is, these recessed design ideas may help you achieve the look you are hoping for.

1. Recessed Bio Fuel Wall Fireplaces – Nothing can create a visual display that compares to recessed bio fuel wall fireplaces. A fire display inside a wall is just not something you see every day, which is why it is so special. Recessed bio fuel wall fireplaces burn a clean fuel source, so you get a brilliant flame without the smoke, smell, or toxins of a wood-burning fire.

2. Recessed Shelves – Building shelves in your wall is a much bigger project than installing a recessed bio fuel wall fireplace, but they can serve a lot of purposes. They can be used for books, movies, photos, collections, and small knickknacks. In the kitchen, they are ideal for spices and cook books, and in the bathroom they can hold all the beauty products that would otherwise clutter your counter.

3.Recessed Light Boxes – If you have sculptures or trophies you want highlighted, a few illuminated boxes will do the trick. You can either have the boxes light up or you can install track lighting on the ceiling and point each light at a box.

4. Recessed Herb Garden – There never seems to be enough room for your herbs and other indoor plants, right? A recessed herb garden will allow you to grow everything you want without trying to find space for all the planters. You can even add grow lights to grow veggies.

5. Recessed Storage – It does not matter how much storage space you have, it never seems to be enough. Build a storage unit right in the wall. You can even use the shelving idea, but expand upon it by making them deep and tall enough to accommodate fabric bins and decorative baskets.

6. Recessed Flat Screen – Installing your flat screen in the wall eliminates the need for an entertainment center. Plus, it puts the television in a position where it is easily seen from anywhere in the room.

     Make The Basement Your Home’s Best Feature

    Basements are often the most underused space of our homes. It is usually cold, dark and uninviting. Tucked away from the main traffic areas of the house, a basement can be the perfect play spaces for children because they can cut loose without disturbing anyone. It would also make a perfect workspace, a family gathering spot or media room.

    You can transform that dreary and dull basement into a space everyone can enjoy with these 5 cool products.

    TV and Media Consoles
    Over the past few years, the warm hypnotic glow of a fireplace have been replaced with that of a television. Our wide selection of  TV and media console allows you to have both. Each of these pieces is designed not only to enhance your décor but  includes plenty of shelving for your DVD’s and media center components. TV and media consoles are the perfect way to enjoy a warm room while relaxing watching your favorite movie or TV shows.

    Having an aquarium gives the basement or any room for that matter, a calm and relaxing ambiance. It brings unparalleled beauty vibrancy to whichever room you choose to place it in. A stunning décor, it creates a soothing place to relax and connect with nature as well.

    Bean Bag Chairs
    Bean Bag chairs are the most comfortable seating option possible.  Bean bags are comfy and ultra-stylish that you’ll love to come home after a long day and lounge in one of these. These bean bag chairs are durable and can withstand a lot of wear and tear with easy to clean exteriors. Available in a number of fabrics and variety of prints and solid colors, it is easy to choose a bean bag chair that speaks to your own sense of style and matches or complements your existing décor.

    Indoor Fountains
    Indoor fountains are dynamic pieces of art that creates an oasis of peace, calm, and tranquility. Water fountains are wonderful visual art display of water in motion that can change from one moment to the next, making delightful sounds of trickling water that soothes and relaxes the mind and body. Available in nearly any size, material, or price range, you are sure to find the perfect one to complement your décor and suit your budget.

    Modern Fireplaces
    Modern fireplaces are functional pieces of art available in electric, bio fuel and gel options so they don’t create smoke and do not require venting. The ambiance a  modern fireplace provides is tremendous and can add a lot of warmth to your basement.


    Furniture Ideas for a Boy’s Room

    Everyone thinks that decorating a little girl’s room is so much easier than a boy’s room. Although girls will typically be more precise expressing their wants, boys generally gravitate towards some very fun themes. If you have a boy who absolutely loves sports, race cars, bugs, fire trucks, etc., you can find really exciting furniture pieces to create a unique space that they will love.
    • Sporty Bean Bags – Sporty bean bags are an absolute must, and they are so comfortable that you will likely want to lounge in the one you buy with a good book while he is at school. You can buy these super comfy chairs designed to look like footballs, basketballs, soccer balls and baseballs.
    • Race Car Bed – What kid doesn’t want to go to sleep every night tucked in a race car bed? These beds often have somewhat high sides, too, so they are perfect for those years when they are too big for a crib, but not old enough for a bigger bed.
    • Dinosaur Table and Chairs – Believe it or not, you can find a dinosaur-themed table and chairs set by Teamson Kids. The chairs look like you’re sitting on a dinosaur. The manufacturer even has a matching storage bench and other accessories, but be warned; this product line is really expensive. It is definitely cool though.
    • Spiderman Folding Saucer Chair – There are all sorts of small furniture pieces available with a Spiderman theme, but the folding saucer chair is great because he will be able to easily fold it and carry it to different room all by himself. So, your child will be able to sit in his favorite chair during family movie night.
    • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Flip Sofa – This themed sofa by Marshmallow is perfect for toddlers. It flips open to turn into a small bed for sleepovers. When he outgrows it, it can always become the dog’s bed.
    • Fire Truck Toddler Bed – Kidkraft makes a cute toddler bed in the shape of a fire truck. The ladders on either side act like rails. Of course, you will need the fire pole coat rack and hydrant-shaped spinning bookcase to match.
    • Batmobile Bed – If you are creating a Batcave, you will want to start with a Batmobile bed. You could easily take an old dresser, paint it black, and use a Batman stencil to paint yellow symbols on it. You can also find ceiling fans that have bat wings as blades

     Essential Pieces of Furniture for Small Spaces

    Whether you live in a small studio apartment or you have built a micro house on a large piece of land to reduce your carbon footprint, furnishing your home may prove to be a challenge. You want seating for guests, but you also want to be able to walk through your home when no one is there.  It would be nice if some floor space is empty! You would like to have side tables, but don’t need them taking space all the time. If you have a small home, you simply need smart furniture that lets you make the most of the room that you have to work with.

    • Ottomans – The great thing about ottomans is they can serve a few purposes. Obviously, they give you a place to put your feet up. They also double as seating when people come over. Ottomans with a firmer surface can be used as end tables, too.
    • Futon – The classic futon has been loved by small space dwellers for many years. It gives you a sofa and a bed all in one. If you have a bedroom with a real bed, then a futon in the living room can be a guest bed.
    • Nesting Tables – When folks come over, you want everyone to have a table to place their drink and appetizer plate on, but a bunch of tables will take up unnecessary floor space the rest of the time. Nesting tables are the practical solution.
    • Benches – Place a bench that opens by the front door and it will hold your hats, gloves, scarves, umbrellas, etc. In your main living space it can rest against a wall like a table, and store games, movies, and blankets inside. Put plants or art on top, and when you need extra seating, remove whatever is on top.
    • Floating Desk – You probably only use your desk a minimal amount, but still, you need somewhere to keep your laptop, bills, etc. A floating desk is perfect. It mounts to the wall and has shelves for storage. The table part flips down, so its footprint is very small. It could double as a kitchen table for a single person, as well.
    • Drop-leaf Kitchen Island – The right kitchen island will put some floor space to really good use. Obviously, you can use it for food preparation. If it has shelves, cupboards, and/or drawers, you will have storage space. Place two barstools against it, and you have a breakfast bar.

     Benefits of Modern Fireplaces

    Most people shopping for modern fireplaces are doing so simply because of the way they look. You hardly need any other art or significant décor pieces in a room when you have one of these stylish and beneficial pieces on display. However, just because they are beautiful does not mean there are no other reasons to purchase them, too. If you are browsing our selection at Soothing Company, but still not sure if you are ready to buy one, you might be interested to know about the great benefits that they offer.

    Focal Point
    You may know that you are shopping for a focal point, but are you aware of how important it is for a room to have one? Without a focal point you walk in a room and your eyes scan the area until something captures their attention, so they can come to rest. You may not know it but the longer this takes, the more your stress level can increase. A modern fireplace will instantly grab your attention, so you can relax.

    Every day, an increasing number of people are becoming aware and disturbed by the negative effects associated with burning wood. Here at Soothing Company, we have electric, gel, and bio fuel fireplaces. These are all considered environmentally-friendly options. This is a fire you can feel good about enjoying.

    No Smoke
    Obviously, the fact that these ventless fireplaces create no smoke is good for the environment. However, this also makes them a safer option for your health. Wood-burning fires emit cancer-causing agents in the air, and they are responsible for allergies, asthma, respiratory problems, and other health concerns. Modern fireplaces do not release toxins into the air, nor do they leach oxygen from the space. This makes them safe to use in any home without concern for immediate and long-term health effects.

    No Mess
    One of the biggest advantages to modern fireplaces is that they are virtually maintenance-free. Why would anyone want to maintain a woodpile and scoop soot all the time when there is an easier option? If you think you will miss curling up in front of the fire in your favorite chair with a good book, check out one of our modern floor fireplaces. Our Buschbeck Boston Bio Ethanol Fireplace should keep your feet nice and warm.

    Place Anywhere
    Modern fireplaces have a “goes anywhere” attitude. They are available in floor, tabletop, and wall varieties, so there is one perfect for every room in your home. Some are ideal for indoor and outdoor use, so you can easily carry it to the patio to enjoy on a cool evening. Our Sparro Indoor/Outdoor Tabletop Ethanol Fireplace is a great example, and it is priced so low that it is perfect to give as a gift, too!

    Stress Management With Water Features

    If your goal is to find balance, manage stress, breathe deeply or to simply become peaceful and healthier, consider placing water features in every room of your home. They do not all have to be extraordinary pieces. Choose larger ones for your living room and bedroom, and then perhaps choose a few smaller ones for other rooms. A water fountain is one of the most important and beneficial elements you can add to your indoor living space. According to feng shui principles, water is associated with wealth enhancement and good fortune.

    Named after the beautiful 164 foot tall Nojoqui Falls, 6 miles SW of Solvang, California, the Small Nojoqui Falls Wall Water Fountainis designed to capture the majesty of cascading water flow in a small version. It combines genuine multi-color Indian Rajah Slate with water flowing into the polished river rocks creating  soothing rippling sounds and powerful display of water in motion. The Small Nojoqui Falls Wall Water Fountain is one of the most important and beneficial elements you can add to your indoor living space.
    The Midwest Tropical Fountain Aqua Fall Wave Floor Fountainis made of excellent quality materials to ensure it’s elegance and beauty. This creates quite the statement as a waterfall. The tranquil rhythm of flowing water soothes the spirit while providing the perfect balance of humidity for your home or office. This fountain features as adjustable current of water rippling over a ridged black or metallic acrylic face to a bed of polished rocks below.

    Tips for Decorating Your Cabin

    Whether you have a log cabin nestled in the woods off the grid or if you have a gorgeous chalet perched on the side of a mountain, you probably want the inside to be as cozy as possible. After all, either this is your vacation home or you live here full time to get away from the noise of the city, so you are likely hoping to create a peaceful, inviting, and comfortable environment. These decorating tips will help.

    Wall Fireplaces
    You absolutely cannot have a cabin of any size or style without a cozy fire. The two go hand-in-hand. However, this does not mean that you have to compromise the environment or your health by burning wood. Wall fireplaces are the perfect solution. Both gel and bio ethanol varieties offer a realistic flame that provides warmth and ambiance. They do not create smoke and there is no mess. These are ideal for cabins without electricity!

    Overdose on Rugs
    Okay, so if your cabin is somewhere that traditionally sees hot temperatures then cold floors are probably not an issue. Otherwise, you should have plenty of rugs to walk on. No one wants to walk on a cold hardwood floor in the winter, unless you plan on keeping on shoes all day.

    Sustainable and Reclaimed
    Rather than buy a newly manufactured wood table or sleigh bed for your cabin, choose furniture made from bamboo or reclaimed wood. After all, you are getting close to Mother Nature, so you might as well actually do your part to protect her. If you are decorating an outdoor area, sustainable eucalyptus is popular right now. If you have not already stocked your summer kitchen, consider products made of recycled glass and plastic. You may be quite surprised at what you can find made of recycled materials these days.

    Cozy Throws
    You cannot have too many cozy, soft throw blankets laying around. This is especially true if you typically have a lot of friends and family come to visit. Fold and stack them in a pile on an ottoman or use them to add color to the room by draping them over furniture.

    Layer Patterns
    Layering patterns is a hot trend right now. You have probably always been told you can have conflicting patterns in a room. You likely wouldn’t even think about mixing a gingham print with floral or polka dots, but designers are saying that it is okay to be different. You can use conflicting patterns in a room as long as you do not go overboard. This helps create a tremendous amount of depth. If this is your second home, this is the place to experiment with colors you would not usually put in your primary home.

    6 Tips to Make Your Small Bedroom Feel Larger

    You don’t need a huge bedroom to create an environment you love lounging in. If your room feels cramped or you have never bothered to decorate it then it is not likely going to be the place you retreat to after a long day. Maybe you are downsizing and a little stumped on what to do with your smaller space. These tips will help even a tiny room feel a lot more spacious.

    • Remove the Clutter – Even having a few things out-of-place in a small room can make the space feel cramped. For example, 10 bottles of lotion, body spray, and perfume adds 10 additional elements to the space. Put all those containers in a decorative box with a lid and suddenly you have only added one element to the space. It is very important that a small room not be permitted to get cluttered.
    • Scale Furniture – There is absolutely nothing you can do to make a small bedroom feel larger, if you just squeezed a California King bed in it. Don’t buy a bed bigger than you need. This theory applies to dressers, too. Don’t buy a bedroom set because it is on sale, when you may not need the extra dresser that is responsible for making the room feel cramped. Platform beds with drawers in the base are smart and floating nightstands let you maximize floor space beneath them.
    • Reflective Décor – Mirror is a great material to decorate with in a small space because its reflective nature makes the room appear larger. Indoor waterfalls made of mirrorare ideal. Not only will the mirror brighten up the space; the sound of cascading water made by indoor waterfalls is very soothing, so it will help you fall asleep faster.
    • Thoughtful Color Palette – As a rule, bright and light colors tend to make a room appear bigger. However, this does not mean that you have to avoid dark colors. You can even get away with a black or deep plum accent wall, if there are also lighter elements in the room to provide balance.
    • Rethink the TV – If you actually use the TV in the bedroom then by all means keep it there. If not, this should be the first thing to go. Electronics add a ton of energy to a space. If you must have one, opt for a flat screen and store the remote in the nightstand drawer, so it is not adding to clutter.
    • Create a Focal Point – Even a small room demands a focal point. If the element is special enough, you really will not need other art. For example, if you go with an indoor waterfall, you probably will not need anything else in the room.

    Are Bean Bag Chairs Right for You?

    If you love the idea of adding a bean bag chair to your home, but are not sure if it is right for you, then you might be overthinking it. Sure, if you were a hardcore gamer, then there would not be a doubt that this piece of furniture should be a staple in your home. Alternately, if you are a college student then you likely know that these are the best chairs to get comfortable in for a long night of studying. However, what if you are neither of these? Can you really pull off this type of furniture in your home? Absolutely!

    Beanbags Are for Everyone

    Beanbag furniture is perfect for everyone, from toddlers to seniors. One of the reasons why these balls of beans have been associated with gamers and students is because these groups of individuals sit for long periods of time. This is the only type of furniture that is as soothing as it is supportive. When you melt into one, the beans disperse to cradle every inch of your body, from behind your knees to your lower back to the nape of your neck.

    If they can keep someone comfortable and pain-free sitting in them for hours, just imagine how great you will feel after just watching a movie or sitting down to talk on the phone in one.

    Diverse Styles  

    Another reason why these chairs are appropriate for every age is because of the diverse styles they are available in. There are kid size bean bags that your child will love. He will need no help getting up or down, nor will he have to sit with feet dangling, like on a traditional couch. Medium-sized ones are ideal for teenagers, game and media rooms, or dorms. They can even be used to fill in that awkward empty corner in your living room.

    If you are considering saying goodbye to that uncomfortable living room furniture and replacing it with a bean bag sofa and chair it will probably be one of the best decisions you will ever make. Plenty of people are saying goodbye to those overpriced, uncomfortable, boring pieces of furniture these days.


    Unlike traditional furniture that breaks down and becomes extremely uncomfortable in overused areas, this is not something you will experience with bean bags. The beans flow freely and spring back to shape. Some will never need refilling while others that are heavily used may need an occasional bag of beans added from time-to-time. This is a whole lot less expensive than buying all new furniture. Plus, if you choose a chair with a removable cover, you can take it off and wash it whenever you need to.

    Beneficial Plants to Decorate Your Home With

    If you are going to have plants around your home that require your attention it only makes sense to choose that are beneficial. Of course, it is wonderful to have species that serve no other purpose than to look good, too. However, at least a few of the following varieties should be included in your personal collection.

    Bonsai Trees – Fair enough, these are trees; not plants. However, they still basically fall into this category, and they are so beneficial to have around they should be considered a necessity in the home. Not only is caring for bonsai trees incredibly rewarding, they help to create a very soothing environment. They naturally offer a very calming presence. With today’s busy lifestyles and hectic schedules. This is something everyone can appreciate.
    • Aloe Vera – Here is another plant that everyone should have. The sap from this plant can be used to soothe burns, scrapes, cuts, and dry skin. Many people take it orally to treat asthma and diabetes.
    Bamboo – Aside from the fact that bamboo plants are charming to look at, they introduce and circulate positive energy. It is said to promote health, happiness, and prosperity in the environment it shares.   
    Mint – The delicious smell of the mint plant is reason enough to grow it indoors. Plus, it can be used to relieve nearly any type of stomach ailment. Soak the leaves in water and create a compress for bug bites or rashes, or add leaves to your bathwater to soothe your muscles.
      Areca Palm – If you are looking for a plant that will be extremely effective at cleaning the air, the areca palm will not disappoint. It is lovely and graceful, and is consistently rated as one of the top houseplants for removing indoor toxins.

      Ginseng – Skip your morning cup of Joe and turn to your ginseng plant instead. It makes a great alternative to caffeine, providing energy and mental sharpening. It can also help relieve anxiety.

      Arrowhead Vine – This easy-to-care for water plant adds a tropical feel to an environment. Plus, like the areca palm, it is one of the best species for improving air quality.

        Additional plants that clean the air include dwarf date palms, English ivy, golden pothos, lady palm, peace lily, and rubber plant. Additional species that offer medicinal benefits to grow indoors include lemon balm, dandelion, cayenne pepper, garlic, basil, sage, thyme, and chamomile.


        Fireplace Accessories

        Transform your ordinary fireplace into a home furnishing of a style uniquely your own with fireplace accessories. Create a warm and inviting hearth and optimize the ambiance of your space with modern styled accessories which provide a cozy and yet minimalistic aesthetic. Create a consistent and controlled heat with Eco -Feu ceramic logs. These burn efficiently and are quite hassle free. Easily integrate a contemporary look with pebble sets and enjoy  tantalizing and calming effects of individual flames dancing through them.
        Give your fireplace a contemporary look with a White Ceramic Pebble Set. Each pebble approximately 2 by 3 inches round, up to 1000 Degree Celsius. They can be laid in the bottom of your fireplace or fire pit to give it a decorative look even when it’s not in use.

        Creates a consistent, controlled heat – without the dangerous flare-ups or chilling die – downs. They’re made from ceramic fibers and show realistic attention detail. They burn efficiently while protecting natural resources and reducing pollution.
        The Bird and Branch French Vanilla Fireplace Screen by Southern Enterprises is a unique fireplace screen that’s perfect for any nature lover or elegant designer. This fireplace screen features a beautiful nature inspired design in an antique white finish that can be used with any interior decor with ease.

        Tabletop Fireplaces – Portable Stylish Heaters

        Spring is on its way but baby it is still cold outside for many of us.  What better way to weather this transitional time than with one of our stylish Tabletop Fireplaces.  These models are freestanding and many can be used both indoors and out. This versatility allows you to take them virtually anywhere.  They are clean burning utilizing eco-friendly fuel so very little if any maintenance is required.  The perfect space heater that also provides the ambiance of real fire.

        The Nu-Flame Ardore Tabletop Fireplace is named after the Italian word for “fiery passion” so you better look out!  This elegant fireplace with its quality stainless steel burner artfully suspended between two thick tempered glass panels stands 16” tall and 18.5” wide. Ships complete with an adjustable damper so you can alter the flame to your preference.  The Ardore is just the right size to perch on your coffee or end table.

        The Doppio Rouge Tabletop Fireplace adds both ambient light and eye-popping color.  Small at 14 lbs but mighty in stature standing at 24” high, its glass cylinder guards your flames from wind gusts. The Doppio makes an illuminating centerpiece for any dining table so you can use this stylish model for your garden or patio events. It has a burn time of up to 1.5 hours. 

        The Oasis Tabletop Gel Fireplace is a bowl of exuberant light that emits from a stainless steel base surrounded by white river stones, but the great part is you can personalize this piece by adding your own non-flammable accessories like sea shells or colored fireglass.   This ventless, no assembly required dynamic statement piece is reminiscent of the flame of Olympus.  It uses clean burning safe gel fuel which provide hours of burn time per can. The Oasis stands 7.75” high and with a top diameter of 13.4” and a bottom one of 7.75”, it is truly the perfect go-anywhere size!

        The Mecca Freestanding Ventless Ethanol Fireplace is one of kind modern geometric fireplace that meets both US and Canadian product standards for safety and our neighbors to the North know cold weather! The Mecca is show stopper addition to any decor encased in black powder coated steel which offsets the brushed stainless in the interior.  The Mecca is for both indoor and outdoor use, anywhere you need some sophistication.  Standing at 30” high and 26” wide this unit can put out 5,000 BTUs for up 5 hours before more ethanol fuel is required. 

        The Tab Bio Ethanol Tabletop Fireplace is one of our most popular sellers!  It has a contemporary sleek freestanding design with stainless steel and glass walls.  This indoor/outdoor model stands 11” high and 13.9” wide with a .7 liter burner, which will give you about 2 hours of burn time per refill.  The Tab fireplace uses bio-ethanol fuel which is a renewable energy source.  So going green keeps you toasty warm!

        Don’t forget to stock up on your Bio-Ethanol and Gel Fuel with us too so you will ready to light a fire anytime!

         Medium Bean Bags: Perfect for Any Room in Your Home

        Medium bean bags truly are the most versatile seating options that you will find. Usually, when you purchase pieces of furniture, you need to have a specific room in mind. You might even know exactly where you want it to go in the room. Medium-sized bean bag chairs are very different you can buy a chair you love and literally use it in nearly every room in your home.

        • Living Room – Considering these comfy balls of beans are available in a huge selection of styles, colors, prints, and fabrics you should have no problem finding one to complement your other furniture and décor. It does not matter if you have a contemporary, rustic, safari, etc. theme; these seats will fit right in. What other piece of furniture can you think of that you can say that about? Probably none! Plus, they can double as ottomans or pet beds when they are not in use. Then, when you have extra guests arrive, you have spare seats available.

        • Kids Rooms – Finally, here is a piece of furniture that kids and adults can actually agree on. Kids love that they look cool and that they are comfy enough to study or play video games in all night, but parent’s love that they are affordable and super durable. It very well may end up being a chair they take to college for their dorm room. After all, bean bags never go out of style, and the medium size ones are the perfect size for most people.
        • Media Room – A medium beanbag is the chair you should be sitting in for movie marathons or old reruns when you are stuck inside all day. Since they cradle every inch of your body and they move when you move, they provide unparalleled support, so you won’t get aches and pains after a while.
        • Other Uses – Put them around a coffee table in your game room for playing cards with friends or board games with the kids on family night. They are perfect for your finished bar area and are the ideal chair to create a reading nook in a quiet place. Some even have a waterproof liner a cover that is removable and machine washable, so they can go on your deck or patio, covered porch, or summer kitchen.

         Home Designs: Electric Fireplaces

        With an increasing awareness and sense of environmental responsibility, more people are opting to use an Electric Fireplaceto warm their homes. If you love the visual appeal of the traditional fireplace but can’t stand the smell of burning wood, you have the option of choosing an electric fireplace that has the traditional style. Electric fireplaces also come in another styles; such as corner or wall fireplaces. If you’re looking to create focal points in your space or to bring the ambiance to a whole new level, or simply to add warmth to your home on cold seasons, there is an electric fireplace to meet your needs. Plus, they are very easy to use.

        Real Flame Brighton Electric Wall Fireplace complements virtually any decor, while its realistic flame technology enhances the ambiance. It warms your room with 4,700 BTUs per hour and features a programmable thermostat as well as adjustable flame settings. And its handy remote control means you’ll never have to get up from your long winter’s nap.

        The Mini Portable Comfort Furnace in Oak is great for any room. The high-velocity fan draws cool air through the washable air filter. Cool are is passed through the resistance type preheater then warmed air is forced around quartz heating elements. Hot air passes over the copper deflector and into the room. This heater will add warmth to any space it is used in.

        The Chateau Corner Electric Fireplace features the clean lines and classic styling familiar to stone mantels, realized in wood. In three great finishes, this design is sure to compliment a variety of décor, from classic to contemporary. The Vivid Flame Electric Firebox plugs into any standard outlet for convenient set up. The features include remote control, programmable thermostat, timer function, brightness settings and ultra bright Vivid Flame LED technology. Available in White, Dark Walnut, or Espresso finishes.

        This fireplace will never fail to combine the time timeless pleasure of a warm hearth with a high tech home theater. The Langley is an impressive cabinet for entertainment use, featuring a transitional design with simple scrolls and fluted pilasters. Clean lines and an espresso finish create a seamless blend between home electronics and home décor. The Langley Electric Fireplace Media Console supports flat screen TV’s up to 55″ in width, and provides sturdy shelving for your media components. The 26″ firebox may be operated with or without heat, allowing you to enjoy the flame effects all year long.

        This Electric Fireplace Insert will look great in any fireplace. It creates the warmth you need without the mess of a real fire. This electric insert gives off heat that will fill the room instantly. Add this great electric heater to your home today!

        This electric stove creates a perfect warmth and glow for any room. It emits no smoke, and is very environmentally friendly. The Keystone Electric Stove creates enjoyment for every season as it can be operated with or without heat, so summer nights can be enjoyed with a warm glow from the fire without the extra heat. Enjoy this great electric stove in your home today!

        Curl up by the comforting glow and warmth of a fire anywhere in your home. Ideal for living rooms, dens, or bedrooms, the Real Flame Silverton Electric Fireplace is crafted with a solid wood mantel making it a hassle-free way to add instant ambiance to your living space.

         8 Creative Coffee Table Ideas

        Your coffee table is one of the most popular elements in the house. Any time you do any entertaining, you probably end up in the living room most of the time. Even if you have a dinner party and stay in the dining room there is a good chance the living room is at least included in the tour for new guests. Why not make the coffee table the centerpiece of the room? Your living room’s focal point does not have to be a canvas or sculpture. The right coffee table will be the topic of conservation. Below are a few unique ideas.

        • Table Aquariums – It may be hard to believe, but table aquariums really do exist, and they are spectacular! Just imagine the look on the face of your guests when they see fish swimming beneath their wine glass. If you have a stressful job or lifestyle, you will also appreciate the calming effect swimming fish have on the brain.

        • Craft Crates – Those wood crates you find at the craft store can be painted or stained and turned into a stylish table. Create a box shape with four on their side and you will have four cubby holes to store books, games, etc.


        • Old Trunk – Is there a beat up trunk in the attic that has probably been there since the first owners moved out many decades ago? Put it to good use. A weathered paint effect looks great on these.
        • Driftwood – You can buy coffee tables that literally look like you took your power saw to a forest and shaved a chunk out of a large tree to use as a table. Driftwood can complement nearly any look, from rustic to contemporary.
        • Expandable Table – If you really only need a compact table most of the time, but always wish you had one a little larger when guests are over then you may want to consider a table that expands from within itself. Jigsaw- and origami-type pieces can be fun, too.
        • Video Game – You can actually buy an old school video game that used to be played in table form, and use it for your coffee table. Pac Man and Space Invaders are good examples. You can also have an artist just design you one to look like Pac Man, or whatever your favorite video gamecharacter is.
        • Bench – There is no rule that says your coffee table has to be wide. It can be long and narrow. Put a seat from that old picnic table outback to good use.
        • Double it Up – Rather than have one coffee table, try placing two small ones in the space. Make sure you leave enough walking room around and/or between the tables.

        Bean Bag Chairs: A Trendy Seating Alternative

        Do you find that you never seem to have enough seats for everyone when family and friends arrive? Maybe you just need some extra chairs to pull out for guests. Alternately, perhaps it is time to start shopping for new furniture, but you are not quite sure what to get. The last thing you want is to be sprawled out on the sofa you bought and full of regret because you just cannot get comfortable. Whatever the case is, bean bag chairs are ideal for any environment and any age group.

        Primary Seating

        If you need a sofa, loveseat, and chair, but want something completely different than what you are used to, beanbags are perfect. These stylish pieces of fun and comfortable furniture can easily find their place in any room, from rustic to contemporary.

        You may not realize it, but there are bean bag sofas as long as 7.5 feet, which is more than large enough to accommodate three people. Need something a little smaller for a studio apartment, or do you want one that can act as a loveseat to the sofa?  Our Jaxx 6′ Bean Bag Sofa Lounger will be perfect. Of course, we have a wide variety of chairs, as well.

        Floor Seating

        If your house seems to be the gathering place where everyone ends up at some point on the weekends then there are probably a few who just pull up a seat on the floor. Wouldn’t it be nice to offer them something to sit on, regardless if it is a mat, ottoman, or even an oversized pillow, such as our Jaxx 24″ Bean Bag Rest Pillow available in a variety of colors and two different fabrics. You could even create a tall pile of these pillows in the corner that people can grab to sit on as they arrive.


        Whether you have children who constantly have their friends stay the night or if you need a “bed” for family or friends to sleep on when they come in town to visit, we have a few solutions for you. Our Inserts/Liners Bed Only is extremely popular. They are available in footstool, full size, queen size, and king size dimensions. These beds can be stuffed under the bed when not being used, but you may find that if you leave one out, it will become your seating of choice for moving night.

        Bean bags have become some of the most popular pieces of furniture used in decorating today. They complement nearly any environment, last extremely long, and are incomparable, when it comes to comfort. Plus, with the colors, styles, and materials they are available in, it will not be hard to find something to meet your needs and complement your space.

        Gaming Chairs | Designing Rooms to Match the Gamer

        With the evolution of technology, gaming has never been this fun. With the incorporation of gaming in creating home space for entertainment, Gaming Chairs come swooping into the picture. They provide body support and maximum convenience for playing games or even watching TV. A different breed from normal chairs, it is designed to bring comfort long into the hours and are designed to fit your body form as you sit. Some gaming chairs have built in consoles and even have built-in surround sound and control systems. They also come in a variety of materials and looks that they can not only match your comfort needs but also your aesthetic preferences.

        The Tron Gaming Rocker Chair features a unique design in the ultimate gaming chair.  Plug the Tron Gaming Rocker Chair into any gaming system and you will transform into serious gaming time.  The Tron features great sound effects and features multi-player daisy chain capability.  Add the Tron Gaming Rocker Chair to your home today!

        Kids can comfortably sit and enjoy playing video games, reading or watching their favorite tv shows in this Jaxx Gamer Bean Bag Chair. It is filled with 100% recycled shredded furniture grade urethane foam and covered in lush micro-suede covers with color trim that zip off easily for machine washing. Each Jaxx Gamer Bean Bag Chair comes with protective liner that has a childproof zipper to keep the foam contents out of reach of curious little hands.

        The Big Joe Video Lounger is made of SmartMax™ fabric. It comes with side pocket and beverage holder keeps whatever you need close at hand. Would definitely match any modern family home, perfect for living rooms, bedrooms, dormitory or even bachelor pads – comfortable and enjoyable for reading, studying, watching TV, movies or gaming. A perfect size for children and teenagers!

        If you are going to play for hours, you better be comfortable. The Zerk LX Game Chair is just perfect for hours of video game play, TV, movies or homework.

        The Hero PC Gaming Chair features an incredible sound system with great base.  The Hero PC Gaming Chair is ideal for PC gaming, but it also plugs into any dvd player, tv, or mp3 player.  The Hero PC is functional as it doubles as a comfortable office chair.  Add the Hero PC Gaming Chair to your home today!

         Sleepers | Portable Comfort With Style

        Sleepers or  folded foam beds are very convenient to use, easy to store  and versatile in function. It can be used as a personal sofa or a coffee table, converted into a sleeper during sleepovers and slumber parties, or during a sudden visit of a guest. It can even be used as an exercise mat or a soft mattress perfect for camping.  With so many uses, you will quickly discover just how convenient it really is!  These sleepers are lightweight, making it easy to transport and store when not in use.

         Jaxx Contour Convertible Twin 

        A tastefully sculpted piece, the Jaxx Contour Convertible serves endless functions and makes a striking coffee table or ottoman. When you have an overnight guest, it unfolds into a firm, comfortable sleeper for one adult.

        Twin Tri-Fold Hide-A-Mat 

        The American Furniture Twin Tri-Fold Hide-A-Mat is portable comfort with style.  Our Tri-Fold Mats are easy to transport and easy to use.  Open the American Furniture Twin Tri-Fold Hide-A-Mat as it instantly turns into a soft mattress perfect for camping or guests!  With so many uses, you will quickly discover just how convenient it really is!  The Poly Cotton Twin Tri-Fold Hide-A-Mat is the ideal space saving furniture!

         Full Quad Fold Hide-A-Mat

        Specially designed to be used as a sleeping pad for the floor, the Full Quad Fold Hide-A-Mat offers easy storage and convenient portability. Cushioned with a medium density Poly foam material for incredible comfort and long lasting durability. Available in a variety of beautiful fabric colors to choose from.

        Queen Quad-Fold Hide-A-Mat

        The Queen Quad-Fold Hide-A-Mat is the ideal space saving furniture!

        Why Choose Gel Memory Foam Mattress Topper 

        If you feel more tired when you got up than when you went to bed, that is probably because you been tossing and turning all night.  Gel Memory Foam Mattress Topper  may be the best solution to that problem.

        Gel Memory Foam Mattress Topper  will give you a more supportive night sleep with it’s revolutionary combination of memory foam and gel. Gel Memory Foam Mattress Topper is  so comfortable,  it feels like sleeping on a waterbed.  It is always cool because it is designed for well ventilation.  Gel Memory Foam Mattress Topper conforms to your body shape and offers therapeutic support, helping relieve tension for those with muscle or joint pain. This hypoallergenic mattress topper is specifically designed to be resistant to dust mites and bed bugs.  Simply set the Gel Memory Foam Mattress Topper on top of your mattress and change the way you sleep and the way you wake up.

         Decorating with Ottomans

        An ottoman is a versatile piece of furniture, often used as a coordinating furniture with armchairs or gliders. It is a great alternate solution to a love seat or small sofa and creates a dramatic accent when used as a coffee table or as an end table. An ottoman can double as a foot rest or as an extra seating while entertaining, a great option if one doesn’t have enough space. Some models even comes with storage properties, making it very convenient in small rooms.  No matter what shape or color you’re looking for, you’re sure to find the perfect ottoman for your home!


        Sit-E-Block Bean Bag 


        Moz 44′ X 17″ Round


        Moz 44′ X 17″ Square


        Junior Mod Pod FX Bean Bag Lounger- 3 ft


        Lifestyle Bean Bag Footstool 

        Fuf Wedge and Ottoman Foam Bean Bag


         Are Bean Bag Chairs Right for You?

        If you love the idea of adding a bean bag chair to your home, but are not sure if it is right for you, then you might be overthinking it. Sure, if you were a hardcore gamer, then there would not be a doubt that this piece of furniture should be a staple in your home. Alternately, if you are a college student then you likely know that these are the best chairs to get comfortable in for a long night of studying. However, what if you are neither of these? Can you really pull off this type of furniture in your home? Absolutely!

        Beanbags Are for Everyone

        Beanbag furniture is perfect for everyone, from toddlers to seniors. One of the reasons why these balls of beans have been associated with gamers and students is because these groups of individuals sit for long periods of time. This is the only type of furniture that is as soothing as it is supportive. When you melt into one, the beans disperse to cradle every inch of your body, from behind your knees to your lower back to the nape of your neck.

        If they can keep someone comfortable and pain-free sitting in them for hours, just imagine how great you will feel after just watching a movie or sitting down to talk on the phone in one.

        Diverse Styles  

        Another reason why these chairs are appropriate for every age is because of the diverse styles they are available in. There are kid size bean bags that your child will love. He will need no help getting up or down, nor will he have to sit with feet dangling, like on a traditional couch. Medium-sized ones are ideal for teenagers, game and media rooms, or dorms. They can even be used to fill in that awkward empty corner in your living room.

        If you are considering saying goodbye to that uncomfortable living room furniture and replacing it with a bean bag sofa and chair it will probably be one of the best decisions you will ever make. Plenty of people are saying goodbye to those overpriced, uncomfortable, boring pieces of furniture these days.


        Unlike traditional furniture that breaks down and becomes extremely uncomfortable in overused areas, this is not something you will experience with bean bags. The beans flow freely and spring back to shape. Some will never need refilling while others that are heavily used may need an occasional bag of beans added from time-to-time. This is a whole lot less expensive than buying all new furniture. Plus, if you choose a chair with a removable cover, you can take it off and wash it whenever you need to.\

         A Guide to Cleaning Indoor Fountains


        Some people assume that indoor fountains are a huge headache to clean, so they avoid buying them altogether. This is unfortunate because these are essentially some of the most beautiful and beneficial pieces of art that you can buy. If you are on the fence about buying one then you will be happy to learn that cleaning them is not the monumental process you are probably imagining. If you have already purchased one, but have no idea how to clean it, you should find this guide helpful as well.

        Prepare the Area

        Although indoor fountains can be cleaned quite easily without making a mess, it does not hurt to prepare for the worst by moving or covering expensive nearby décor pieces. You may want to put some towels on the ground underneath as well to catch any spills.

        Dealing with the Pump

        Unplugging the fountain and removing the pump and any rocks or stones will be the first steps. You can set the motor aside and clean it after, or you can go ahead and deal with it now, since it is already in your hands. Your pump is essentially the heart-and-soul of your water feature, so you cannot cut corners when it comes to cleaning it.

        You may notice that there is slime built up on it that will need to be scrubbed away. If there is a removable cover, you want to take this off and use an old toothbrush to scrub the surfaces. As long as there is not a ton of algae, you may be able to skip the scrubbing and just run it under hot water. Remove the tubing and run hot water to clean this out too, if you can access it.

        Empty the Fountain

        Small indoor fountains can simply be carried to the sink or tub to empty; if you have a large floor or wall water fountain then you will need to empty it from where it sits. A pail or plastic pitcher will help get most of the water out, or you can siphon the water into a budget below. If you happen to have a shop vac, this will make your job even easier.

        Clean the Fountain

        Indoor fountains don’t typically need to be cleaned out that often. You will find that if you use a water treatment product it will keep the water cleaner for a longer time period.

        You will want to use a mild cleaner and a non-abrasive sponge to scrub all surfaces that are touched by the water. You may even need to use a calcium lime remover, if you didn’t use a water treatment product.

        Final Rinse

        Once again, small indoor fountains are easy to rinse because you can clean them right there in the sink. A stationary fountain will need to be rinsed in place with fresh water, and this water will need to be continuously emptied out until all traces of soap are gone.

         Wall Fireplaces: Perfect for Small Homes

        Bellezza Bio Ethanol Recessed Fireplace
        Dimensions: 47.25″ x 23.75″ x 7.62″

        Just because you live in a small starter home or a studio apartment does not mean that you shouldn’t have the opportunity to enjoy a dancing flame whenever you want to. Sure, space is tight and maybe you already kick yourself every day for buying that oversized sofa, but the beauty of a wall fireplace is that it is not going to make your floor feel crowded.

        Pick a Wall

        Since these modern fireplaces are mounted up on the wall, you do not have to spend half a day trying to rearrange furniture to create available floor space that simply is not there. Plus, you will not have to worry about someone tripping over it.

        All you need to do is pick a wall and determine how large of a fireplace you want. Since it will create such a dynamic focal point it will be best on a wall by itself. Small spaces can look cluttered with too many objects. So, if you try to place one of these pieces on a wall next to a canvas, sculpture, or something similar it will look too busy.

        Choose a Fuel Source

        You may be interested to learn that wall fireplaces are available in a few fuel sources, and they are all safe to use in a small home.

        • Electric – As the name implies this variety will simply get plugged into a standard outlet. Make sure one is available on the wall you are shopping for, it this is the type you want.
        • Gel – What could possibly be easier than placing a can of gel fuel in the appropriate spot on the fireplace and igniting? One can burns for a few hours and offers warmth and ambiance.
        • Biofuel – Created from fermented sugars of sustainable crops, biofuel is about the most environmentally-friendly fire you enjoy. These fireplaces are generally very modern, and the flame is brilliant.

        Choosing the Right One

        With the huge selection we have available here at Soothing Company, finding one to complement your small space will not be a problem. Although a larger one could look fantastic, you have to keep in mind that these pieces are not just for show. Adding our Maximum Bio Ethanol Recessed Fireplace may seem like a good idea, but it will generate some serious heat, so a small room may feel a bit too toasty. Keep this in mind when deciding on one.


        Benefits of Sofa Bean Bags

        Have you recently been introduced to sofa bean bags, but you are not quite sure if your home is the right environment for one? Perhaps you wonder if they are only for kids or assume that you need a contemporary space to welcome one. Some question if this is really appropriate furniture to use for a living room or if it should be reserved for a game or media room or finished basement. If you have never sat in one you might wonder if they are even comfortable. Becoming aware of some of these benefits may help you understand why more and more people every day are adding one of these stylish and beneficial pieces of furniture to their home.



        You cannot appreciate just how comfortable sofa bean bags are until you melt into one for the first time and never want to get up. The beans more freely to cradle every inch of your body, so no matter how you lay you are completely supported. There will never be an awkward spot that gets worn away and you will not have to fidget for 20 minutes just to try to get comfortable. They are so comfortable you may not even want to sleep in your bed anymore. In fact, our Jaxx Cocoon Bean Bag Lounger is the perfect alternative to putting a bed in the guestroom, and it is ideal for the kids to sleep on when they have sleepovers.


        Easy to Clean

        Do you cringe at the thought of anyone eating popcorn on the sofa? Are you constantly getting out the carpet and upholstery cleaner to deal with the muddy paw prints? There is an easier way to keep your furniture clean. Some of the giant bean bags we have here at Soothing Company have covers that are removal and machine-washable, so it is easy to keep your furniture looking fantastic.



        How long do you typically enjoy a sofa before it starts getting uncomfortable? Traditional furniture breaks down just a little more every time you use it. So, if you always sit in your favorite spot like most do, that spot will eventually become less comfortable. You will never have this concern with a bean bag sofa. Since the beans move freely, it is never the same ones under pressure over-and-over. This allows these sofas to retain their comfort level significantly longer than regular furniture. Worst case scenario, a high traffic sofa may need a bag of beans added in time, and then it will be as good as new again. A traditional sofa would need to be completely replaced, if you hope to ever find comfort again.