Nothing equals the level of relaxation you achieve when catching a cat nap under the shade of your favorite tree while gently swinging in a hammock. Hammocks are the ultimate relaxation piece and adding one to your decor is the best way to ensure you always have a comfortable place to catch some shuteye. Today's hammocks not only feel great but they also look great. Match one with your decor and get an amazing piece of functional art to enjoy for years to come. The Soothing Company offers the largest selection of quality hammock online browse our catalog today.

When it comes to turning the level of relation up in your yard, it’s impossible to top the comfort given to you by adding a hammock on your property. A properly placed hammock can allow you to catch a quick nap while enjoying the gentle breeze on the perfect summer evening. Hammocks are an essential item for anyone looking to get the most out of their yard this season.

Huge Selection

The Soothing Company has a huge selection of hammock styles available. No matter what type of decor, weather, or size hammock you desire, you are sure to find an excellent match within our catalog. Below are the most popular hammocks available today.

Fabric Hammocks

Fabric hammocks are one of the most comfortable hammock designs that exist. These items hug your body while you are relaxing with many people describing them as feeling like a hanging couch for your yard. Fabric hammocks also look great because they can be woven with designs to match the rest of your homes decor.

Rope Hammocks

Rope hammocks are the most portable and beach friendly hammock in production. These hammocks consist of a series of knots which form the shape of your hammock. The design is very light and ultra-portable. Additionally, the item is likely to get damaged from water sitting because there is nowhere for the water to gather in this design.

Quilted Hammocks

Looking to add a super comfy hammock to your covered porch. You should consider a quilted hammock. This style of hammock is very popular with homeowners looking to catch a nap from the comfort of their patio. Quilted hammocks provide a thicker and more comfortable approach to the hammock design.

Hammock Chairs

You don't only have to lay down to enjoy a hammock. There are now hammock chairs that give you the same level of comfort but from a seated position. These chairs are amazing at your favorite beach and they are very light to carry with you. Hammock chairs can hold a lot of weight and they are designed to withstand years of use without tearing.


Adding a hammock stand to your hammock is the ultimate way to take your relaxation anywhere you desire. A hammock stand allows you to place your hammock anywhere without the need of anything to fasten the tie ropes to. With one of these items, you can find that perfect spot on your patio and not have to worry about your ropes crossing over any walkways.


If you are going to be taking a solid nap on your hammock, you are going to want a hammock pillow. Hammock pillows are designed to provide you with maximum comfort while allowing your face and head to breath. You will be happy with your order the moment you lay back on your hammock.


Each of our hammocks is inspected to ensure that only the finest quality products are ever sent to you. Your hammock is tested for strength, weight, and tears resilience. In this way, we can keep you relaxing longer and safer than ever before. You should expect years of relaxing hammock use when you keep care of your investment.

History of Hammocks

The first hammocks were used by the Mayan Indians of Central America over a thousand years ago. European sailors found that these items were perfect for ships because they could be easily stored when not in use and they brought the concept back across the Atlantic Ocean to Europe. Today hammocks are used by every culture and many different styles have developed to fit certain needs.

The Soothing Hammock Lifestyle

Owning a hammock is a lifestyle change. It tells the world you are ready to start enjoying life and let go of the little nagging concerns of the day. Getting more rest helps you to think clearer, and that is why owning a hammock can be one of the best investments you ever make. The Soothing Company is ready to help you find the ultimate hammock to take your relaxation up a notch.