Transform your home or office into a relaxation zone with a fireplace from The Soothing Company.  Fireplaces make any room feel more cozy and comfortable. Hanging a wall fireplace in your home can give you a modern look that is sure to spark the intrigue of your guests.  You may think that you don't have enough room for a fireplace or that you are unable to install one in your location.  That is a common misconception people make, but the truth is, anyone can own a fireplace nowadays. The technology behind these captivating decor items has evolved dramatically over the last decade.

Thanks to modern technology, anyone can now enjoy added warmth in their home, regardless if he or she lives in a private residence. Numerous types of fireplaces exist today that are smokeless and do not require any professional skills to install.

Bio Ethanol Fireplaces

For example, you can enjoy a smokeless ethanol fireplace almost anywhere, and many of these units are portable. A tabletop fireplace can be the perfect addition to your dining room table or bar. Ethanol burns clean, so you won't have to worry about harmful fumes or smoke staining your furniture.

Just like our Spectrum Freestanding unit, you can bring your portable bioethanol fireplace with you wherever you desire. These are one of the best options to consider if you want the hypnotizing effects of a fireplace but rent your home or apartment. These units leave no mess, and there is no installation required.

Electric Fireplaces

Adding an electric fireplace to your home can be the perfect way to complement your decor. These units are easy to install. Most electric fireplaces require a 120V outlet to operate. Place or hang your electric fireplace where you desire and plug it in. It doesn't get easier than that.

Electric fireplaces offer the most functionality to homeowners. Many of these units allow you to set the flame intensity and the heat levels via a remote. These flames look ultra-realistic, and your guest will be amazed at their like-like appeal. In addition to this functionality, some units allow you to adjust the color of the flames.

Wall Fireplaces

A wall fireplace is designed to capture the attention of your guests. These focal points inspire conversation from anyone who happens upon one. The Soothing Company offers a selection of electric, ethanol, and gas hanging fireplaces to suit your needs.

Traditional Fireplaces

The Soothing Company has been an industry leader in the fireplace sector for years. Our designers specialize in creating conventional masterpieces that exude excellence. Custom pieces are available upon request. Contact us to get your custom traditional fireplace today.

Tabletop Fireplace

Tabletop fireplaces are one of the fastest growing sectors of the fireplace industry. Adding a tabletop fireplace to your home can give you all the appeal of a larger unit without any need to redecorate and like the Ignis Tower, they are hard to ignore. Tabletop units are fantastic because they can go where you go.

Add a tabletop unit to your patio and start enjoying your outdoor living space more. Many tabletop units utilize clean burning bioethanol so they can be used with confidence almost anywhere.


Quality Construction

No matter what type of fireplace you pick, you can rest assured that you are receiving the highest quality pieces on the market. Each fireplace must pass rigorous safety and quality inspections before being released to the public. The Soothing Company was built on this dedication to quality, and this precisely why we continue to see yearly growth in our fireplace division.

Customize Your Next Fire Piece

Adding a custom touch to your next fireplace can be the perfect way to make a subtle statement to your guests. Businesses who add personalized fireplaces to their lobby enjoy the benefits of more relaxed customers. Add your company logo or family crest to your fireplace and transform your next fireplace into a valuable family heirloom.

More Variety

Choose from our vast array of styles and finishes to complement your decor. We offer everything from extravagant centerpieces, all the way down to gel tabletop models. Nobody can deliver the quality and selection that we provide to every customer we encounter.

Contact us today to start the search for your next fireplace today. Our expert staff is ready to guide you to the perfect selection. There is a fireplace to fit every decor at The Soothing Company.