Fireplace Accessories

Once you discover the right fireplace to fit your decor, you may be surprised to learn of the huge selection of fireplace accessories available to you. While most people think of traditional fireplace tools such as pokers when thinking about these items, there is actually a much wider selection to consider. These finishing touches are what take a normal fireplace and make them exactly what you desire. The Soothing Company is a leading provider in fireplace accessories and you will always find what you seek in our extensive catalog of products. Contact us today to get the accessories you need to keep your fire burning bright.

The Soothing Company understands how important your fireplace decor is to you. The smallest details can add to the ambiance of your room’s decor and that is why we are all into providing you with the largest selection of quality fireplace accessories on the web. You can find everything you need to keep your traditional, electric, gel or bio ethanol fireplace running great.

Brass Fireplace Accessories

Traditional fireplaces require a certain amount of maintenance to keep them looking great. You will also need a healthy amount of accessories to keep your fire running smoothly. Items such as hooks and fire pokers are essential to the traditional fireplace owner. The Soothing Company offers traditional fireplace accessories in a variety of finishes including brass, chrome, and silver.

Brass fireplace accessories give your home a luxurious feel and are sure to catch the eye of your guests. These dramatic additions add to the fine details of your decor and coupled with the right accents, they can create an enchanting atmosphere of comfort.

If you have a more modern decor you may want to consider a silver or pewter fireplace accessories set. The best way to determine which type of fireplace accessories finish to go with is by looking at the other metal objects in your room. These can include door handles, tea sets, or anything in the room that catches your eye. Ideally, you want to create a seamless feel as your guests browse your rooms decor.

If you want to maintain a more traditional vibe with your decor, you can always go with wrought iron. Wrought iron fireplace accessories are always popular among fireplace owners for their traditional appeal and long-lasting quality. These accessories can be decorative and many feature a specially designed handle to add to the elegance of the set.

Another timeless fireplace addition is a mirror. Prior to the explosion of flat screen TVs, it was common to see large mirrors adorning the mantle of luxurious fireplaces. This dramatic addition can create a feeling of exclusivity and elegance. Additionally, you can match the frame of the mirror to your fireplace accessories. This will bring your fireplace decor together and create a common theme for your metallic decor items.

Ceramic log Sets

Ceramic log sets look like real burning timber. These units are designed to give your fireplace inserts a realistic look. Ceramic log sets come in all types of styles and designs. Choose the one that best fits your fireplaces sizes and fuel type. Ceramic fireplace logs help to keep your fireplace looking great, even when not in use.

Decorative Stones

Adding decorative stones to your ethanol or electric fireplace is another great way to add some unity to your decor. Choose a stone that matches other items in the room and transforms your fireplace into a custom decorated piece of living art.

You can find every type of fireplace stone from small naturally colored options all the way to large fire rocks. White stones are a smart choice to consider as the flame effects reflect off of them in a manner which throws the shimmering light across your room. The Soothing Company offers a huge selection of decorative stones to fit your needs.


You are going to want to invest in some high-quality fuel for your new fireplace. Gel and bio ethanol options are the best choices to consider. You should only stick with reputable brands as lower quality fuels can damage your unit. Additionally, you can find yourself inhaling dangerous byproducts when you utilize sub-par quality fireplace fuels. The Soothing Company offer both gel and bio ethanol fuel options to keep your fire feature burning bright for years to come.