Bonsai Trees

Soothing Bonsai Trees for Your Home or Office

For those who love the cultural fascination of a beautiful bonsai tree, the bonsai plants and bonsai trees of the Soothing Company will come as a delight. Bonsai trees require very low maintenance, making them an ideal plant for an office, bachelor pad or grandma. Of course, there are those who just prefer a plant that looks good without a lot of watering and replanting. Bonsai trees usually live a long time and can stand up against adverse conditions.


Traditional bonsai trees come from Japan, but with modern horticulture there are so many different variations of bonsai trees that they have become widely popular throughout the United States. Dwarf bonsai trees, traditional bonsais, Juniper bonsai trees, outdoor bonsai trees, flowering bonsais and Fukien Tea Bonsai Tree.

Just as much a part of the charm of bonsai trees are the ornamental pots that can be used to display them to maximum visual appeal. Clay, ceramic, mica, stone and special bonsai pots really do a nice job to highlight the look of the bonsai plants. Deep pots work best for bonsais because of their long-lasting lifespan. The roots take firm hold with proper care.

Aside from the aspect of low maintenance, soothing bonsai trees are fascinating and can thrive indoors or outdoors, depending on the style of bonsai tree you choose. Many botanical gardens feature bonsai trees as a part of their landscaping design because of their resilience and longevity. Certain types of bonsai trees are known to last for well over a hundred years.

Contrary to popular belief, bonsai trees are not native of Japan, although the Japanese culture has made it one of their staples in gardening culture. Bonsais actually date back to Egyptian times and were very popular in China as far back as hundreds of years ago. Asian bonsai trees have meaning. Our soothing bonsai trees embrace the idea that caring for a bonsai tree enables it to form true beauty by shaping it to one’s desired effect. Hence, trimming the bonsai tree makes it thrive, grow and become the most beautiful bonsai of peaceful enjoyment.

The Soothing Company has an abundant selection of bonsai trees; true to the bonsai tree culture and dramatic enough to be a centerpiece on the dining room table, mantel, coffee table or even used for outdoor landscaping. A Soothing Bonsai Tree will become one of your most treasured and special plants.

Browse our exciting collection of bonsai trees and bonsai plants; bonsai tree accessories and pots, and more. Each bonsai tree is unique, so if you like the idea of a customized plant that is tailored to your style, then a bonsai is a perfect choice.