Bean Bag Chairs

Nothing takes a dull room and transforms into a fun zone like a bean bag chair. Bean Bag chairs are incredibly comfortable because of their unique design. These chairs hug the contours of your body to provide you with unmatched comfort. Best of all, these comfy chairs look great in any room of your house. They aren't just your child's bean bag chairs, people of all ages love them because of their fun style. Prepare for your anxiety to melt away within minutes whenever you sit in a bean bag chair from The Soothing Company.

Looking for a way to take a dull room and add a fun space in your home? If so, you should consider adding a high-quality bean bag chair from The Soothing Company. Bean bag chairs aren't just for children. Adults can enjoy these extremely comfortable furniture additions in any room of the house. Traditional furniture doesn't conform to the shape of your body as a bean bag chair can, and this is why so many people are turning to these age-old seating solutions to improve comfort and relaxation. The entire family will get years of use from a high-quality bean bag chair from The Soothing Company.

Bean Bag chairs are perfect for the office as well. Your guests will appreciate the moment of relaxation they enjoy before the big meeting or appointment. Medical professionals can use bean bag chairs to add a fun twist to their patient's wait times. No matter where you work, a bean bag chair is a great way to add a unique touch to your office.

Best Sellers

Get all of the latest trends and keep your decor on the cutting edge with these units. Our designers are working tirelessly to provide you with access to all of the newest and most popular bean bag chair styles on the market. Our 7 foot giant bean bag sofa is one of our most popular items and is perfect for sharing with a friend. Don't see what you are looking for? Contact one of our trained specialists to get help on your journey to the perfect bean bag chair.


Children love bean bag chairs. A bean bag chair can make your child's playroom into a comfortable area for your kids to play safely. There are no hard or sharp edges on bean bag chairs. These chairs are both soft and cushy. Your kids will spend countless hours relaxing on their new bean bag chair from The Soothing Company.


Are looking for something unique? You are sure to be enchanted with our diverse catalog of medium bean bag chairs for both adults and children. Medium bean bag chairs are both mobile and durable. After a long day at work, come home to relax on our 5' bean bag.


A large bean bag chair is the perfect way to watch a movie or enjoy some video games with friends. Your body will appreciate the extended comfort. Additionally, these large bean bag chairs feature removable covers to make maintaining your bean bag chair easy.


Extra-large bean bag chairs can fit multiple people with ease. These plush units take relaxation to the next level. Cuddle up with loved ones or relax with a couple of close friends in comfort with an extra-large bean bag chair from The Soothing Company.


Forget that old uncomfortable couch and upgrade your comfort with a soft bean bag chair. We offer sofa bean bag chairs in all sizes including our seven-foot model which can accommodate multiple people comfortably. Removable covers make keeping your bean bag sofa clean more accessible than ever.


Sporty bean bag chairs provide you with a firmer experience that makes them perfect for watching the big game or just enjoying your home bar. These chairs are designed for extended use. Imagine an ideal evening in comfort with one of our signature sporty bean bag chairs.


Gaming bean bag chairs are ergonomically designed to provide you with easy access to all of your gaming needs. Lounge away for hours without experiencing any discomfort when utilizing one of these fun chairs.

Foam Furniture

Foam furniture is another unique furniture option that you may want to consider. Foam furniture can transform into multiple items such as our Jaxx Contour seat which can function as a seat, table, or bead.


Ottomans are an excellent way to bring your decor together. These handy decorative items can increase your comfort as well as provide you with an opportunity to take your decor to the next level. Browse our ottoman selection today to start getting the most from your indoor living space.