Bayliss Park Fountain

The Bayliss Park Fountain is to go through a major park improvement project. The water coming from its fountain has various patterns and it carries a very impressive lighting presentation. It maintains a total of 8 arch nozzles with 24 jets a replacement for the core fountain spire that comes with a sculpture with water spouting from the top section.

The sculpture is called Well Spring which was made by Brower Hatcher from Rhode Island. It has a pool at the upper end which measures only about half foot deep the lower one was replaced by insets of sheets made of granite with cascades of water to a drain. The edge of the pool is made entirely of granite which measures about 18” high and is adorned with tiny columns.

The plaza where the fountain is located carries the same size as the plaza in the past and has been utilized to serve various functions and events. There are dark granite pavers which surround the fountain to lessen the glare and flower beds are provided on both sides. You can see them all as you drive past it. Brower Hatcher also created benches to be incorporated in all the surrounding areas of the plaza.

To give way for important performances, there is a stage raised and placed on the west wing of the plaza. With this arrangement, the audience would be seated with the setting sun on their backs as they relax under the shade of hackberry and Oak trees. The entire stage is framed with the use of a canopy as the fountain serves as backdrop to the performances. The canopy was also created by Hatcher and was named Oculus.

It also has a maze of pavers which measures 30” in width for people to easily line up their chairs in an ordered arrangement during an event. This may also encourage children to play follow the leader whenever it is an eventless day. It is also a great place to have your wedding photos taken with the beautiful canopy as the backdrop.

Interactive water is also integrated in the northern side of the plaza. It measures only 12’ in diameter where the patterns of the water are the same with the large fountain at the center. The water used here is led to waste since water volume can be less and the possibility for the children to get to drink the water is a bit high. This interactive water element can be controlled during specific times only and safe for children of all ages to touch and play with.

On every four entrances to the park, there is a wall adorned with columns that are the same looking as the ones seated on the fountain wall and also carries the engraved name of Bayliss Park into the glass. The columns carry a lighting feature and the entry walks are designed with a winding set of pavers which covers too the fresh and brand new landscape. It is also a great place to hold picnics with its tables made out of metals.