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7 Budget Decorating Ideas

Whether you are moving into your first place and starting from scratch or your old place just does not excite you anymore, you shouldn't have to spend a fortune to love your surroundings. There are a lot of low-cost things you can do or buy to create an inspiring space on a budget.

  1. Make Your Own Art - All you need is a little imagination to create beautiful art for your walls. Spray paint leaves and glue them to a painted canvas or pick up a bunch of old plates in different styles and sizes to mount on the wall. You can paint these if you prefer and you can do the same thing with old baskets.

  1. Paint, Paint, Paint - Paint is pretty cheap, and it can dramatically change the appearance of a space. If you don't want to paint the wall, you can paint the trim or old tables, shelves, etc.

Zen Oval Garden Water Fountain

Zen Oval Garden Water Fountain
Dimensions: 14.5"H x 13"W x 17'L

  1. Tabletop Water Fountains - Every room should have a focal point, and every home needs a water element. Tabletop water fountains address both needs, and you can find some very affordable options.

  1. Nature - Seashells, unusual sticks, interesting rocks, pinecones, and plants are all things that are easily accessible, and you can do something creative with. A bowl of apples and walnuts can create a nice centerpiece, and of course, pumpkins and gourds are fall essentials.

Two Pots On A Tree Branch Tabletop Fountain

Two Pots On A Tree Branch Tabletop Fountain
Dimensions: 11"L X 7"W X 14"H

  1. Build a Headboard - Headboards are expensive, but they are an important element. Your headboard essentially grounds your bedroom and sets the tone for other décor pieces. Go to Home Depot, and have a piece of thin wood cut to paint or add fabric to. A furry lime green headboard would add a little pizazz to your all black space. If you really want to, you can even paint a headboard right on the wall to create the illusion of one.

  1. Change the Cupboards - You don't need to have the cupboards refinished to create a new look. Paint the ones you have. Sometimes, even changing the hardware gives them a new look. You can also remove some doors to leave a few cupboards with the open look that is so popular right now.

Zen Moonshadow Slate Tabletop Water Fountain

Zen Moonshadow Slate Tabletop Water Fountain
Dimensions: 15" H x 15" W x 15" D

  1. Use What You Have - Old suitcases can be stacked for an interesting table. Books make great "art" or work well to fill empty spaces on shelves. You can often pick up old hardcopies at garage sales for under $1. Look around the house at what you have and decide what you can paint or use in a different way to make it seem new again.