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4 Small Details to Add to Your Garden

You might be saying that your garden cannot possibly look any better than it does at this very moment. You carefully planned ahead, so all your plants are balanced, and there is always something blooming. So, you may already have an enchanted display. After all, nothing can compare with natural beauty. However, there are a few elements that can take that stunning visual display to the next level. You might not believe it now, but you will as soon as you add one of these elements.

1. Solar Garden Stakes – Do your flowers pretty much become invisible at night? They just fade into the darkness, totally unappreciated until day break. Solar garden stakes change everything. Place them amongst blooming flowers, so even at night you can see their beauty. Since solar garden stakes feature LEDs, you don’t have to worry about a hot light casing bothering delicate flowers. When placed along edges of flower beds they reduce the risk of guests trampling them in the darkness, too.

Proper lighting is crucial. First, it is definitely nice to be able to see who you are talking to and if the noise you hear by the trash cans is a raccoon or the neighbor’s dog. Second, it is important that guests be able to see steps to the porch and patio, as well as edges of flower beds and uneven sidewalks. Solar lighting will help .

Thanks to the sun’s rays, you no longer need to fuss with electrical wiring to illuminate your outdoor living space. Solar lights come in a variety of sizes and styles. There are even atmosphere bowls that change colors and are perfect for entertaining.

2. Solar Fountains – You very well may already have a gorgeous water feature on your deck or patio. You might even have a large tiered one acting as a focal point in your front yard. This is great, but you can never have too many. A solar fountain placed in a garden or flower bed breathes new life into the space, even if you didn’t think it needed it. Plus, it will attract pollinators to drink, which is always good news for blooming plants.
Choosing a garden fountain with LEDs will complement your collection of solar lights nicely. Lastly, they will help mask noise. So, if you have a noisy neighbor that you know is eavesdropping on your conversation you do not have to whisper so quietly that you can barely hear one another. The sound of cascading water will create a nice barrier between you and your neighbor.

3. Statuary – Everything from garden gnomes to frogs to gargoyles falls in this category. There is nothing quite like walking along a sidewalk and noticing a charming piece or statuary in a totally unexpected place. Even if you are the only person to ever see it, it is sure to invoke a smile. Here are some of our favorites: Make your garden or backyardyour own personal oasis where you can get back in touch with nature by adding your favorite animal statuary. These carefully crafted cast stone garden statues can also be used to personalize your outdoor sanctuary with a touch of wild and natural beauty.

Animal statues add character to your outdoor space and will charm your guests. Place it nestled among the plants, besides a water feature or pond or tuck it away in a forgotten patio corner, these delightful animal statues are sure to lend a touch of cheer.


The Champion will make the perfect fit for someone in your life. It is a beautiful and majestic bust of a horse; place it outdoors for an elegant focal point, or perhaps on a shelf for added decoration. This also makes a great gift idea for any horse lover.

Queenie Cat

Small in size, but big on character, the Queenie Cat will add a fanciful touch to your garden. Her majestic personality shines so clearly through in this wonderful statuary, sure to be recognized by all cat lovers. The premium cast stone construction and authentic finish will ensure that this playful statue will enhance your décor for years to come.

Proud Pup

This adorable, cast stone Proud Pup will add a fanciful touch to your garden. You will look at this adorable statue and think of your very own puppy, carrying a stick, and begging you to play with him. Enrich any outdoor setting with this one of a kind statue.


The Seahorse will add an element of playfulness to your own garden or yard. Head tucked and tail curled, this magnificent, cast stone statue makes a wonderful accent for a pond or pool area. Your guests will delight in the seahorse’s grace beautifully captured in this garden statue.

Birds On A Log

This friendly Birds On A Log will give your porch or patio a warm welcome. It’s incredible detailing will make everyone wish they had their own. Enjoy the character this wonderful garden statue will add to your setting.

Merrie Little Owl

The Merrie Little Owls sure to bring a smile to each and every garden visitor’s face. The attention to detail and quality craftsmanship of this piece is exceptional. This beautiful statue is available in your choice of distinct finishes.

Rabbit On A Rock

Delightfully appealing, the Rabbit On A Rockwill liven up any water pond, patio, or garden. This ultra strong quality garden statue represents the highest level of design, engineering, construction, and materials. Make a unique personal statement in your home or garden.

Tortuga Turtle

This detailed Tortuga Turtle will make an exciting focal point when placed in a flower bed amongst your beautiful blooms, causing viewers to be quite surprised at the lifelike appearance of this little statue. Proudly designed and manufactured in the United States from premium cast stone concrete.

Sleeping Fawn

Add a whimsical touch to your home or garden with this charming Sleeping Fawn. Full of intricate detail, it will look wonderful on a pedestal out amongst your garden blooms and greens, or on a patio setting. Constructed from premium fiber reinforced cast stone concrete, this quality garden statue represents the highest level of design, engineering, construction, and materials.

Old Crabby

The adorable cast stone Old Crabby will add a fanciful touch to your garden. Looking as if he is daring someone to “make his day,” this grouchy old crab keeps an eye out from his favorite rock. The ideal size for any garden, this little creature is small enough to fit into smaller patio and terrace landscape themes, yet large enough to be noticed wherever you place it.


Place the Dragonfly within your home or yards to always have a friend watching over you. This beautiful statue sits upon a replica of a rock, just as you would see him in your backyard. This handcrafted statue is a perfect addition for any garden or home.

Cat Chasing Ball

This Cat Chasing Ball is sure to add an interesting and exciting feature to your garden setting. This statue is sure to get noticed and be enjoyed by all, it also makes a really nice and unique gift as well. It makes an adorable and fun display for your home or garden.


Notice the exceptional detail in this beautiful Snail! The shell of this refined statue has a subtle ribbed texture with curving lines that lead to the center of its spiral shell. Exceptional detail and quality craftsmanship is evident in this magnificent piece.

Autumn Chipmunk

A wonderful way to welcome your guests, the Autumn Chipmunk is a charming addition to any home, garden, or patio. Gathering nuts for the winter, the statue carries his bounty in his little arms as he sits atop a small rock. Add a whimsical touch to your home or garden with this charming accent piece.


From the detail in the facial features of the Penguin down to his feet, this statue is sure to be a favorite in your home or garden. This adorable, cast stone statue will add a fanciful touch to your garden. Imagine this one of a kind statue greeting every visitor who walks into your home!


With the wide selections available for the Mousie you can make him look just like your very own pet! He is designed to appear like a real mouse, and features stunning attention to detail. The perfect gift or addition to your home.

The Thinking Man’s Frog

The Thinking Man’s Frog is a beautiful statue that will be a welcome addition to your yard. An amphibian version of Rodin’s “The Thinker,” it will liven up any water pond, patio, or garden. The rich detail is evident in every element of this magnificent cast stone statue.

4. Furniture and unique centerpieces

They say that if you wait long enough, everything comes back in style. This goes for furniture and décor, too. Of course, the five elements on this list never really went “out” of style; they are simply seeing a huge rebirth in popularity.

● Benches – These pieces are so popular because they are simple but stylish, and interesting yet practical. Benches are ideal to place virtually anywhere. Nicer ones with swing canopies or those made of eucalyptus can be used as your primary seating on your patio or covered front porch. Those made of wrought iron are perfect to use to create a sitting area in the middle of a flower garden. Some people also like to put them by the backdoor or in the mudroom so everyone has something to sit on while putting on or taking off shoes. You do not even need touse benches for their intended purpose. Many simply use one as an accent piece in their landscaping.

● Chimineas – Years ago you could visit every home in any neighborhood and you would find a large percentage with a chiminea fireplace. Of course, back then they were made of clay or terra cotta and often cracked with time from the heat. Once they cracked, many folks used them as planters or decorations in the garden. Modern chimineas are made of cast aluminum, and are gorgeous and much more durable than early styles.

● Lanterns – There is something about a lantern that is very inviting. Lanterns were replaced with more modern lighting solutions for a while but they are back and better than ever, because now they come in solar varieties. These practical lighting solutions are powered by the sun’s rays. This means they go anywhere. You do not need an electrical outlet or extension cord, and you don’t have to worry about seeing an increase in your bill.

● Rain Barrel – It is a shame that people simply forget about rain barrels for a very long time. Sure, some folks have continued to use them all this time, but most haven’t. Interestingly, some of the younger generation thinks this is a new concept! As society becomes increasingly concerned with natural resources and later conservation they look for ways to do their part. A rain barrel is a positive change that is easy to use. Plus, today they are available in a variety of sizes and styles. Some even have wheels to drag around your yard to water your flowers.

● Weathervane – Even folks who have no idea what a weathervane is meant to be used for are adding them to their landscaping. Modern weathervanes are available in an assortment of styles. Old ones often had a rooster on top.
Although rooster weathervanes are still available, there are also some that showcase a dog, cat, witch, eagle, American flag, sailboat, golfer, horse, fish, angle, biplane, rifle, wine bottle, martini glass, and motorcycle, just to name a few.

● If you have a small raised flower bed or even a bed that runs alongside your house, all it takes is something small to create a unique focal point. A gargoyle, gnome, or some other type of statuary is all you really need. If you are working with a very large flower garden, creating a focal point is not quite as easy. The eye has a lot of natural beauty to absorb, which can be a little exhausting, if they do not eventually come to rest on one knockout piece. The right centerpiece will draw the eyes deeper into the garden without taking away from any of its beauty. The things on this list are sure to enhance the display of your lovely garden.

Urn Outdoor Fountains

Most people hear the word “urn” and immediately cringe. In this case, urn refers to the narrow-necked shape and has nothing to do with a funerary urn. Urns were widely used in décor design in the 16th and 17th centuries. Urn outdoor fountainsare simplistic, but attract a lot of attention. Some are large enough to have a small pool at ground level, which will be appreciated by the wildlife that will use it as a drinking source.


There is just something enchanting about a bench nestled amongst wildflowers. You can literally hear it beckoning to you to sit for a bit. You can actually buy urn outdoor fountains that have a bench around the perimeter.

Animal Statues

Whether you love bears, wolves, lions, or some other regal animal, you shouldn’t have a hard time finding a statue of it. Just imagine a black panther statue on a bench or log in the middle of your garden.


If you have the patience and time to dedicate to building and maintaining a pond, this would be a perfect addition to your garden. Just be prepared for the long-term commitment, especially if you want a koi pond.

Garden Gazing Ball

When garden gazing balls first became popular there really was not a large selection to choose from. They were basic, but beautiful. However, if you had one there was a good chance that nearly all your neighbors had the same one to match. Today, there is a huge selection of them in a variety of colors. Plus, you can find pedestals and holders in everything from a flamingo to an angel. If your garden is extra-large, you will want a few of these.How to create the perfect outdoor space Is your outdoor living space suddenly shunned, when you see the first sign of autumn?

Sadly, this is the case with most people, but fall is the perfect time to make the most of your deck or patio. The weather is perfect because it is not overly hot. It’s generally not a rainy season either. The bees and mosquitoes are pretty much gone, and the air is crisp and clean. Give your outdoor space a little facelift with these essentials, and you will want to spend a lot more time out there before Old Man Winter arrives for his
extended visit.

Wreath – Wreaths are not just for Christmas. An earthy wreath that is made of leaves and canella berries on a twig base can mount on the back door or an exterior wall. You can easily make one in a hurry, if you have guests coming over. Keep some essentials from the craft store on-hand, and you’ll be able to whip something up quickly.

Propane Patio Heaters – Don’t let a cool evening ruin your fun. When the sun goes down start up the propane heaters and everyone will stay nice and toasty. When you get out of the pool and the cold air hits you, just stand by a heater and you will warm right up.

Lanterns – Outdoor lanterns bring a rustic charm and homey feel to the space they occupy. Solar lanterns are a smart choice. You can also buy empty lanterns and put pillar candles inside for an evening outdoor cocktail party.

Barbeque Grills - Obviously, the number one thing that you need to start looking at is barbeque grills. The right grill can make all the difference in your cooking. If people often make an excuse not to eat when they come over, this is a good indication that you need a new grill. Take some time and decide what style is needed. If you are remodeling, consider adding a built-in grill. Most importantly make sure you have a quality cover to put on when it is not in use to keep it clean and protect it from the elements.

Outdoor Speakers – Are you still turning the music on inside the house and blasting it out the windows? This is not very enjoyable for guests when they go inside to use the restroom. Perhaps you bring your iPod docking station out there, but then you are paranoid it will get ruined by a spilled drink, passing shower, or splashing from the pool. Indoor/outdoor waterproof speakers are your answer. Some even look like rocks, plants, and other natural elements.

Aromatic Candles – In the spring and summer, you sit out there and breathe in a myriad of floral scents coming from your flower beds and gardens. In the fall, you maymiss this, but a large fragrant candle will fix this. Opt for fall-inspired fragrances, such as pumpkin pie, apple cobbler, allspice, plum, toasted almond, and vanilla maple pecan.

Cozy Throws – Having a few throws handy in an outdoor storage container will keep everyone comfortable as they are curled up next to the fireplace or patio heaters. An all-weather wicker basket will keep them clean and protected, when not in use. You can find these baskets in a style that can double as a side table and ottoman, as well. Busy people often feel the need to get away and relax but reality is, the much needed vacation is not possible soon enough. Creating spaces in one’s own home where one can lounge and simply loose one’s self in a good book or indulge in daydreams is a solution. Staycation outdoor areas are a magnificent alternative. Create your own with hammocks and imagine swinging in the shade while sipping a cold refreshing drink and enjoying the warm summer sun, or simply, basking in a moment of peace and listening to the calm sounds of nature.

The Single Cushioned Swing creates a heavenly rest for your body and soul. Made to hold up to 350 lbs, it hangs on porches, balconies and even inside your home. This swing has the advantage of fitting in many areas and of creating a colorful addition to any outdoor setting. The ceiling must be a minimum of 6.5 ft. high and a maximum of 7.5ft high or you will need a hanging kit or tree straps. Simply comfortable, useful and an easy upgrade for your house.

Relaxation is not confined to four walls now! With Bliss Hammock Classic Cotton Rope Hammock, you can experience the ultimate comfort even when outdoors. Read a good book or magazine, chat with your loved one, listen to your iPhone and many others in your garden or pool area. This Bliss Hammock Classic Cotton Rope Hammock is clearly a piece of furniture you should not miss!

Unique Additions to wow your guests If you absolutely hate the idea of your outdoor space looking the same as the backyard that you find at the home of friends, family members, and neighbors then this list of creative additions will be right up your alley.

● Papasan Curtain – Take the cracked frame from your old papasan chair that you have been meaning to throw away, and do something creative with it. Suspend it upside down from a strong branch and fasten ground length panels of outdoor fabric to the perimeter. You will create a whimsical tent that you can put a bistro table or comfy reading chair in.
● Fire Bowls – You probably know that you need some type of outdoor fireplace to provide heat and create ambiance, but deciding on something can be hard because there is such a great selection. If you want something guaranteed toturn heads and be the topic of conservation shop for fire bowls. They definitely leave a lasting impression.
● Mirrors – Contrary to what you might assume, murals are not just for indoor use. Nestle some between plants to create an optical illusion or hang on the exterior wall in your patio area. Do try to keep it in a shaded area or somewhere that won’t receive direct light. You don’t need the sun’s rays bouncing off the glass and blinding your guests.
● Revive a Garden Bench – Turn an old garden bench into one giant planter or use it to hold containers of herbs and flowers. You can scatter these around your property for unique focal points.
● Create a Walkway – Your walkway does not have to actually lead anywhere. Just make a winding one that flows throughout the yard. Add little points of interest along the way. You can even create archways from rebar or painted
PVC. Plant climbing plants to cover these arches. Driftwood can create an intriguing archway, too.
● Paint Your Fence – If you have a privacy fence or even a white picket fence, you can have a lot of fun painting the individual boards or creating a large mural. You can even paint a garden to act like a backdrop to your actual garden.
● Fountain with Pools – If you are going to add a water feature to your landscaping, and you want one dynamic enough to create a focal point, you will want to check out fountains with large pools at the bottom. You might want to
place a couple sitting benches near it, too.Fire Pits For Your Backyards Fire Pits are an amazing way to enjoy outdoors and have a fun, safe and warm time with your family and friends regardless of the temperature outside. Some people do not add an outdoor fireplace to their shopping list because they assume they are just too expensive. Well, you might be quite surprised at how affordable these functional pieces of art are. If you want a wood-burning fire then a fire pit or chiminea will be perfect. If you prefer an environmentally-friendly option, opt for a tabletop or freestanding bio ethanol or gel fuel one. You never have to be forced indoors just because it gets a little
cool outside. These outdoor fireplaces can be moved to wherever you want it to be.

You can even add a cooking rack and have an outdoor cookout that’s going to be huge hit with guests and family. What better way to enjoy a glass of wine or a cup of hot cider than around a fire in the great outdoors?
Chilly nights won’t force you inside when you bring home Nuriel Outdoor Gas Fire Pit with Stained Glass Top. This square fire pit features a round triple-paned glass top with decorative fire glass beads at the center for a striking display. It made to last from durable aluminum, this fire pit is topped with tile in a stunning Art Deco style.

Perfect for pairing with your outdoor deep seating collection, the Aidan Outdoor Gas Fire Pit with Tile Top makes a great centerpiece for enjoying a night outside. The four-sided fire pit gives you ample room for gathering with friends and family, and flames will flicker above the top, allowing you to even roast hot dogs or cook marshmallows when gathered together to enjoy the heat. This fine fire pit has a contemporary style that you and your guests will love.

Let the Xander Outdoor Gas Fire Pit with Tile Top take the bite out of those chilly nights. Constructed from rustproof polished cast aluminum, this gas-powered fire pit features a durable powder-coat finish, with an exquisite pattern adorning the exterior. With flames lapping around the included lava rocks, this fire pit is just the thing to make some warming memories.

Many people do not give much thought to outdoor fireplaces, but they should. You will be surprised at how much more you enjoy your time outside when you have one. Not to mention, you will actually get to use your deck or patio a lot more. Those chilly nights that force you inside will now be able to be enjoyed while you gather around a warm dancing flame. Not to mention, the fire helps to keep biting insects away, and increases
safety by providing a little extra light in the darkness. Evaluate the SpaceOutdoor fireplaces come in just about any style and size you can imagine. The first thing you need to do is evaluate the deck, patio or pool area where one is needed. You may fall in love with a massive fire bowl, but if it is going to get in the way of foot traffic or generate too much heat for the space it will pose safety risks and can make guests uncomfortable. Choose a size that is appropriate.

It is helpful to have an idea of where you want to place the fireplace as well. An open corner is always a great location for a small area. If your outdoor living space is extremely small, don’t assume that you have to go without. Tabletop fireplaces are ideal! Some are even large enough that they can easily be placed on the floor as well.

Choosing a Style

The selection of outdoor fireplaces is far greater than most people are aware of. It is important that you choose a style based on the décor and furniture you have. You may fall in love with a rustic style, but if you have contemporary pieces, it will become an eyesore.

If you want one that you can cook on, choose a fire pit with a grate. For a classic look, go with a chiminea. If you have the space to accommodate a fire bowl, they offer a dynamic focal point. If you have a smaller space, or you are looking for an environmentally friendly option then tabletop fireplaces that burn gel or biofuel are ideal.

How to Create a Room Outdoors

You have probably read and heard multiple times that your deck or patio should essentially be an extension of your outdoor living space. You may be wondering where to even begin to create such a space, or perhaps you have tried, but it felt disconnected. The key is to create a room outside. Look at the space you are working with, and imagine that there are four walls and a ceiling. Regardless if you have a sweeping backyard or a cozy terrace these tips will help you create the look you are trying to achieve.

Have a Plan

Before you randomly start buying things, have an idea of the look you want to accomplish. This will help keep you on track. Are you trying to create a formal dining room feel for your dinner parties or a casual gathering spot to catch up with friends over a bottle of wine? Do you want the area clearly defined? An outdoor gazebo, party tent, or curtains may be needed.


If you already have a patio or deck then all you really need to shop for are outdoor rugs. Nothing creates a room-like feel better than a rug that acts as a centerpiece. If you are creating this outdoor room where there is grass, then use pea gravel, interlocking brick, or a low-maintenance stone floor to define the area. Then, use a rug to pull the look together like you would on a patio. Quality outdoor rugs are treated to stand up against
the sun’s UV rays. They are also easy-to-clean with a simple garden hose.

Potted Plants

You can most certainly have flower beds around the perimeter, but you should still have potted plants like you would inside your home. Small pots of lavender, mint, or other scented flowers and herbs can be scattered around to fill the “room” with fragrance.

Comfort Items

Soft throws and pillows are absolutely necessary. What’s a sofa without a pillow to hold onto and a blanket to get cozy under? You don’t have to keep these items out all the time or even buy outdoor products. Store them in a weatherproof bench or ottoman, so you have them handy when needed. A patio umbrella will also play a leading role in comfort. The umbrella should be large enough to shade the sitting area. If it tilts this is abonus. For a very large area, you may need multiple ones. Protect them with covers, when they are not being used, so they last more than one season.

5 Things to Splurge on for Your Outdoor Living Space

Whether you have moved into your first house or if you simply want to give your outdoor living space a makeover this year, you probably have a lot of things you want to buy. Now, if you are like most, you likely also have a budget you would like to not exceed. So, how do you decide what things to spend the bulk of the money on? This list should help.

1. Outdoor Furniture – The outdoor furniture you purchase will be the foundation of the space. Do not buy based on what you think is expected or “normal.” Choose pieces that make you happy and that you will get the most use out of. You do not need to have a traditional table and chairs just because everyone else you know does. Maybe you would be happiest with a wrought iron bench and a couple of rocking chairs.
2. Fountains – To create a truly tranquil environment that you love to relax in you will need water fountains. You really cannot have too many either, so do not worry about going overboard. Put one on your patio as a focal point and then add a few small ones to your garden and flower beds. Not only will they instantly relax you; they will also help mask some of that undesirable noise coming from the neighborhood.
3. Fireplace – Some people do not even add an outdoor fireplace to their shopping list because they assume they are just too expensive. Well, you might be quite surprised at how affordable these functional pieces of art are. If you want a wood-burning fire then a fire pit or chiminea will be perfect. If you prefer an environmentally-friendly option, opt for a tabletop or freestanding bio ethanol or gel fuel one. You never have to be forced indoors just because it gets a little cool outside.
4. Umbrella – Your outdoor living space absolutely needs shade. Even if you are a sun lover you need a little relief from those hot rays at some point. Plus, your fair-skinned guests will certainly appreciate shade, as well. There are a lot of umbrellas on the market. Do not make the mistake of choosing a cheap one just to save a few dollars. This should be one of your splurges. Make sure it is quality, and that it covers the sitting area. One that can be tilted is ideal.
5. Plants – If you already have gorgeous gardens then maybe you do not need to spend money on plants. However, a little living art will change the look and feel of your patio. Buy that gorgeous planter you have your eye on. If you have a railing you can buy planters that sit over the railing, as well. You can even hang baskets of flowering plants from overhead branches or hooks.

5 Must Haves for a Small Patio

If you live in an apartment, condo, or townhouse, and have a patio you may feel as though the area is too small to do anything with. This is not true. Just because you cannot fit large pieces of furniture does not mean you cannot create an outdoor living space you will want to spend a lot of time in. Below are some must-haves that will turn that small patio into a functional and loved extension of your home.

1. Canopies and Tarps – If your patio is not large enough to add an umbrella, consider using a tarp or canopy to shade the area. You are more likely to spend time out there if you do not have the hot sun beating on you. You can attach one corner to your home and then get creative with the other corners. A t-post, tree branch, fence, or a light pole are all things you can make work.
2. Portable Grills – Do you crave grilled food? You do not have to wait for someone to invite you over for a cookout. Portable grills are perfect for small spaces and you can cook a lot more on them than you might think. When it is not being used, tuck it under a bench or in the corner so it is out-of-the-way. Just think of how nice it will be to come home from work and fire up the grill.
3. Outdoor Rug – An outdoor rug is something you really cannot fully appreciate until you actually have one. A nice large decorative rug will cover most of the patio and it will be so much more pleasant to walk on with bare feet than concrete. It will instantly make your patio look and feel like a comfortable space you would enjoy in a large home.
4. Small Fireplace – You can sit out there on a cool evening and read or watch the stars if you have a fireplace to keep you warm. Buy either a tabletop or small freestanding gel or bio ethanol one. If you are worried about someone taking it, just bring it inside with you when you are not using it. Both fuel sources are clean-burning and can be enjoyed inside, as well.
5. Bird Feeder – Inviting a little living art to the space will really change how you look at that small patio. You do not need a tree either. Hang one from a shepherd’s hook or buy one with its own stand. Do make sure you put a shallow dish of water out for your feathered friends, too.

Unexpected Garden Decorations

In a flower garden, you typically expect to see flowers, plants, and perhaps a birdbath or water fountain. There is no rule that says only these elements are appropriate to sit amidst your plants and flowers. Below are a few items that are unexpected, but definitely charming.
1. Bathtub – Doing a bathroom remodel? Don’t be so quick to have the old tub hauled away. Adding it to the garden will definitely turn some heads, and it is sure to be a conversation starter.
2. Bicycle – Next time you see an old bike or even a bike tire at a garage sale for next to nothing, buy it. Bikes add an interesting look to flower gardens. You can always spray paint them, if you want to add a bold color to the garden.
3. Outdoor Furniture – When you are strolling past a garden and all of a sudden you spot a piece of outdoor furniture hiding there like a secret, you can’t help but be drawn to it. You also can’t help but view the person who put it there as a little more mysterious and interesting. So, what type of outdoor furniture is best for your garden? A bench, of course! You might even assume you will never sit in it, but you may be surprised at how often you sneak away to be enveloped by nature.
4. Doors – An old door is a perfect tool to add height to a garden. It also gives creeping plants something to climb. You can even use the door to make a vertical herb garden, if you are short on space.
5. Planters – You might be wondering why you would need to add planters to a place where there is already soil. Well, planters are easier to control, so you can swap out certain plants, so something is always in bloom. Plus, it is an easy way to break up a garden that’s all one height.
6. Scarecrow – Depending on your age and where you grew up, you may remember a time when everyone had a scarecrow in their yard. They never really did a good job at scaring away the crows, but they certainly looked intriguing. A scarecrow is sure to add a little personality to your garden.
7. Bonsai Tree - A bonsai tree is basically a whole tree but in a miniature version. Bonsai trees come in all sizes and shapes, from one upright tree to a small forest of mostly horizontal shaped trees. Each bonsai tree is very unique and beautiful, giving your room a different look and feel. If you like the idea of a customized plant that is tailored to your style, then a bonsai is a perfect choice.
8. Rug- You will not really appreciate having a nice outdoor rug until the first time you kick your shoes off and realize your toes are not burning from the hot deck or ground. Plus, if you have a dog, he will certainly appreciate having something soft and cool to sit on.
9. Wind Spinners – A garden is not complete without a wind spinner. You can find them made in every shape, animal, color, and material imaginable. Budget-friendly ones are typically made of plastic, but if you do not mind splurging, copper and wood ones are really nice.
10. Hammock Chairs – Most people who have hammock chairs simply hang them from a stand, but if you have a nice strong tree you might as well use it. Just imagine relaxing in your chair under the shade while you read a book and drink some lemonade. Plus, if your tree umbrellas over the patio, this is an easy way to add more seating to the area without taking up “floor” space.
11. Herb Garden – Whether you are short on space in the garden or you simply want to create a charming visual display you cannot go wrong with hanging containers with potted herbs. On a side note, mosquitoes hate rosemary, so this is an excellent herb to scatter around generously.
12. Bird Feeders – You can never have too many bird feeders. They are decorative on their own, but the fact that they invite living art to your space makes them even more attractive. Keep in mind that some birds prefer specific feeders and food, so if you are trying to attract certain species then you will want to choose these elements thoughtfully.
13. Paper Lanterns – You can choose from an array of colors, sizes, and styles. Not only do paper lanterns look fantastic in any outdoor living space, they also provide lighting which increases safety. Some come on a string that needs to be plugged in while others are solar-powered and hang individually. Solar varieties are generally a little more expensive, but they provide a lot more decorating flexibility, too, because you can hang
them far away from outlets, and not fuss with extension cords.
14. Bunting – Most people think of bunting as being temporary and used for special occasions, but it doesn’t have to be. You can find handmade decorative outdoor bunting in every color and pattern imaginable at arts and crafts shows. Some local artists will even design the bunting for you based on your vision. You may even be able to check with a local printing shop to see if they can create something for you.