RocLok Hide a Key

Have you ever been locked out of your own home? It is not fun waiting for a spouse to come home, or worse yet, a locksmith. With a RocLok Hide A Key, your key will be mysteriously hidden in a fake rock that looks just as beautiful as the rocks you have in your garden. No thief will suspect a rock contained key to be hiding nearby.

The RocLock hidden key faux rock is also handy if you want someone to have one-time access to your home, such as babysitters or neighbors to run in and do a favor if you have an emergency. You can move the hidden rock to another spot to prevent future unwanted access, so the hidden key in a rock is a great way to share your key when something comes up at the last minute.  Keep a key to your shed that stores your hammocks, patio umbrellas or other garden tools in one.

This ‘rock’ by RocLok is innovative and weather resistant, so you don’t have to worry about the rock fading and becoming transparent or different from the other landscaping rocks you may have. The Soothing Company has a lot of different rocks, depending on the color scheme you like. Take a look at the Hudson RocLok Hide-a-key; McKenzie RocLok hide a key; or Gila RocLok Hide-A-Key rock systems. One even looks like the rock of Mt. St. Helens – the St.Helens RocLok Hide-a-key. Piedmont RocLok looks like a granite rock.  Alot of these rocks can be placed next to your outdoor water fountain or outdoor fireplace to make it part of your outdoor decor.

The RocLok key rock have a little hidden combination that is needed to access the key, so even if someone found it they would have to be able to crack the code. With 1000+ combinations, it would be nearly impossible to guess and you can change your rock’s combination anytime through modern design. These hand-airbrushed and hand casted rocks are proudly made in the USA so you know your rock will be as solid as a real rock! It even has a realistic weight and feel to make it undetectable and un-suspectable. We are so sure you will love your new rock; the RocLok makers have a 1 year warranty. It’s definitely a solid rock that won’t break.

Go ahead and throw it if you like, the rock is impact resistant! There is nothing that will get you to that key inside the rock except the combination. Give yourself the peace of mind that a RocLok Hide A Key can provide and never be locked out of your home again.

RocLok Hide a Key

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