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Sitting on your deck or patio around the picnic table is a spring and summer favorite activity. Now you can jazz up your outdoor décor while providing shelter from the sun and precipitation. With the designer patio umbrellas from The Soothing Company, you can spice up your outdoor backyard patio table for a great price.

Each and every one of our canopy umbrellas is beautifully hand-crafted to give you the best in coverage, but they are built to last as well. There is nothing worse than getting an umbrella that leaks water or falls apart quickly. One of the great things about the patio umbrella collection is that it can instantly upgrade your whole deck or patio with the simple installation of a patio umbrella from

Whether you have been thinking of getting a patio umbrella to block out the sun or would like to keep the water off your tables, a patio umbrella is the way to go. There might be nothing more soothing that sitting on your deck in the shade from your deck umbrella, reading a book or just listening to the birds. The patio umbrella will allow you to do this with ease and also comes at an inexpensive cost.

Another thing you should keep in mind about the patio umbrella is the personality that it brings to your home décor. Cafes and outdoor restaurants truly need these in order to attract and keep diners protected in case of a sudden rain shower. You will never have to worry about getting wet with our umbrellas, because they are manufactured out of the very rugged high grade polyester canopy fabric, which is also weather repellent. Maybe this is the very umbrella that Rhiyana would have liked in her hit song, “Umbrella”. “You can stand under my umbrella-ella-ella…..”

The patio umbrellas from The Soothing Company, like the 9' Designer Market Umbrella- Multi, are also very easy to operate, because they come with a crank system and can be tilted in different positions. These umbrellas are lightweight, sewn extremely well and go with many different styles of patio furniture – like round, octagonal or square patio tables. These strong and lightweight umbrellas for the outdoors also utilize aluminum poles and steel rib construction. If you’re looking for a high quality designer market patio umbrella or Patio Umbrellas Base, The Soothing Company has got you covered with a nice umbrella.

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