Table Patio Heaters

The table patio heaters from The Soothing Company are perfect for those who need to add some extra heat on their patio, deck or even in the backyard. For those who live in the northeast, this is especially true. Placing an exceptionally warm propane patio heater on your outdoor table tops on the deck or patio area will ultimately let you enjoy the outdoors as long as possible, even after the sun goes down. You no longer have to go inside when the weather gets frigid. Have a BBQ or just spend some time by the heater cozied up with a child or your spouse. Table patio heaters offer a new way of living to let you enjoy having cookouts with family and friends.

Table propane patio heaters allow you to have even more reason to invite your friends and neighbors over for cookouts. These patio heaters are good for residential areas, but because they are commercial grade heaters, they can also be used for companies that have restaurants or cafes that need some outdoor heating when the sun goes down. Even in hot weather climates, the table patio heater is a nice touch for outdoor Tiki bars or lounges. Your business will instantly enjoy the benefits of The Soothing Company’s outdoor table heater when your customers can venture outside and still be comfortable.

Virtually all of our patio heaters run on energy efficient propane fuel and can be refilled easily. They are also very portable. With a patio heater, you can lug them just about anywhere outside that you could possibly need one. The Soothing Company has many different styles of heaters like:

  • Wall Mounted patio heaters
  • Propane Patio heaters
  • Table Patio Heaters

Our patio heaters for outdoor tables are made of strong metals, like bronze, copper and hammered steel. The metals give them a nice weathered look and can just stay outside to be used anytime you need them. As long as you don’t forget to turn off the propane, the patio table heater will run anytime you need it and keep everyone around the table nice and warm. They may never want to leave this cozy atmosphere.

Invest in any of The Soothing Company heaters and you will never have to worry about being cold outside again. One of the reasons they work so well can be directly attributed to their exceptional craftsmanship. Give your deck or patio the comfort of the inside, with a unique look and different sizes to fit any backyard or patio space.