Propane Patio Heaters

If you live in the northern hemisphere than you probably understand the how wonderful it is to have some heat on your patio or deck. As if you didn’t have enough of an excuse to want to stay outside, thankfully, The Soothing Company has some high quality propane patio heaters to keep you and your family warm on those cold nights. Get yourself a high quality propane patio heater and you will have even more of a reason to invite your friends and neighbors over for cookouts and get togethers on the patio or in the backyard.

Not only are our patio heaters good for residential areas, but because they are commercial grade heaters, they can be used for companies that have restaurants or cafes who need some outdoor heating in cold environments. Your business will instantly enjoy the benefits of outdoor heater when your customers can venture outside and still be comfortable. Virtually all of our patio heaters run on energy efficient propane fuel and can be easily accessed to be refueled at anytime from a home improvement store that sells propane, or certain gas stations.

One of the great features of the patio propane heaters from The Soothing Company are that they come with wheels, so they can easily be moved from one place to another. Because of the move-ability of the patio heater, you can roll or pick it up and put it just about anywhere outside. The Soothing Company has many different styles of propane patio heaters that include:

  • • Wall Mounted patio Heaters
  • • Propane Patio heaters
  • • Table Patio Heaters
You can also find plenty of patio heater accessories in stock. We give you the most available options when it comes to patio heaters. Of all the patio heaters in stock, the tall standing patio heaters are the most popular – offering you the maximum output in an outdoor environment.

Our smaller patio heaters, like the wall mounted patio heater, is of the very best quality and should have no problem keeping everyone around you nice and toasty on those chilly nights. Some people find them useful in the winter, perhaps those who have a hot tub and want to sit outside in the hot tub while the snowflakes come around. Or ski resorts, cafes and commercial patio heaters are good for retail places that customers sit outside.

In fact, you will be happy to know that our outdoor patio heaters are manufactured out of weather resistant and superior metals such as, bronze, hammered gold steel and copper. Give your deck or patio a blessing of warm air with the propane patio heater from The Soothing Company.

Propane Patio Heaters