Patio Heaters

 Patio Heaters are a modern marvel that will keep your family warm on cool nights outdoors. They put out a lot of heat, enough to keep everybody warm and cozy without wanting to leave. You’ll have even more reason to invite friends and neighbors over for backyard parties and cookouts in the evening. The Soothing Company also has commercial grade patio heaters that are good for restaurants and cafes with an outdoor deck or patio, so your guests will want to stay and be comfortable.

Many of our high quality patio heaters run on energy efficient propane fuel, so you can easily refill it time and time again to enjoy your outdoor patio heater as often as possible. Many of the outdoor patio heaters are also easily moveable with wheels, making them portable enough to put at your favorite spot on the porch, deck, and patio or anywhere you feel it enhances your outdoor environment (perhaps next to your hammock).

The Soothing Company has many different patio heater styles. Among the many convenient options you will find include:

  • Table Patio Heaters
  • Propane Patio Heaters
  • Wall Mounted Patio Heaters
  • and Patio Heater Accessories, such as covers and hoses



Wall Mounted Patio Heaters look like beautiful lighting, offering a warm ambiance on your exterior. Table Patio Heaters, like the Stainless Steel Table Top Patio Heater, can rest atop your outdoor patio table or on a pedestal; in a case of ‘less is more’ they offer plenty of heat in a small and convenient tabletop size. The most popular patio heaters are the free-standing tall patio heaters, offering maximum output with easy-to-maintain propane fuel. Each heater for the patio is contemporarily styled for today’s discriminating consumers. You will even find a variety of colors to match with your patio furniture or water feature on the deck. Strong materials ensure long lasting use of your patio heater. Copper, Stainless Steel, Bronze or Hammered Gold Steel will hold together for many years and offer a modern heating solution to those chilly evenings. Each hand constructed piece is carefully checked for quality to guarantee your approval. These outdoor heaters put out a lot of heat, providing a 10 ft. – 12 ft. radius of warmth, which should be more than enough for you, your family and your friends. You can also move the heaters around quite easily. Simple assembly is required when it arrives at your doorstep, but you can also expect free shipping and no tax when you buy our products. How cool is that? You’ll be glad you purchased a durable patio heater to soothe the chill when the sun goes down.  Need something a little more rustic? Try an outdoor fireplace from Soothing Fireplaces

Patio Heaters

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