Outdoor Water Fountains

Many of our customers find the Soothing Company by chance. They are looking for soothing products to enhance their lives and provide a relaxing atmosphere inside and outside. One of the most searched for ‘soothing sounds’ is that of a spectacular Outdoor Water Fountains. The sound of running water has a lulling and hypnotic effect that most anyone will enjoy.

Our collection of soothing water fountains is one of the largest you will find, with nearly 300 outdoor fountain choices in our selection. And that’s just for starters. To make it easy, the Soothing Company has separated our entire stock of outdoor water fountains in variable categories. Here you will find many different materials, sizes and styles to suit your outdoor landscaping requirements. Outdoor water fountains such as:

  • Modern Outdoor Fountains
  • Solar Outdoor Fountains
  • Glass Outdoor Fountains
  • Stone Outdoor Fountains
  • Wall Outdoor Fountains
  • Large Outdoor Fountains

With all of these lovely fountains, it’s not hard to find one that will be a perfect complement to your gardening and landscaping décor. What will be difficult is narrowing down your favorite because of the hundreds of soothing fountains within our catalog. Some people even use the water fountains to enhance the indoors, although they are meant to withstand weather and wear. Bring a water fountain to your office or lobby to put clients at ease when they come to your headquarters.

Some of the new designs, like the solar water fountains are powered by the sun. The modern water fountains offer contemporary styling combined with luxurious beauty. Wall Fountains give your home or garden maximum space, with all the benefits of running water cascading down the front. Nearly all of our water wall fountain choices have a European or South American style that brings the Old World to your outdoor world. Many of our glass or fiberglass water fountains have elegant backlighting to bring the water to life. A large Outdoor Water Fountains makes a giant spectacle for the front of a U-Shaped driveway or near the entryway of your home.

Aside from the abundant choices of outdoor fountains, each solid fountain is crafted to the highest standards. Using materials like granite, stone, handpoured casting, iron, and copper; the Soothing Company’s outdoor water fountains are built to last for generations and can become a valued family heirloom. When soothing is what you crave after a long day, prop your feet up on a lounge chair and watch the running water trickle down your very own Water Features. Its soothing sounds will let you think in peace and quiet.

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Outdoor Water Fountains