Nothing can create a mysterious yet surprisingly romantic vibe in an outdoor living space quite like a chiminea. These front-loading and freestanding fireplaces boast a bulbous body and vertical smoke vent. Although they were once pretty much only found in clay varieties, today they are made to last from durable material, and they have intriguing yet subtle designs. They are stunning pieces of functional art, without looking like they are trying to be flashy or attract a ton of attention.


It is believed that Mexican tribesmen were making open-fire, clay garden heaters thousands of years ago. They were made for cooking and to simply provide heat. The unique design kept rain off the fire, which was important when using it outdoors.

They began to be imported from Mexico and were given their new home. Even individuals who did not light them found them to be an attractive art piece for the patio. Of course, since clay varieties are so prone to cracking when they get hot, most old ones are now used as decoration in the garden.

Chimineas Today

If you look at the selection we have here at The Soothing Company, you see that these fireplaces have come a long way. Not only are they made in fiercely durable materials such as cast iron and nonrusting cast aluminum with stainless steel hardware, they are also available in an array of designs.

You will notice that even modern varieties stay true to the original body style though. This is because fires start very quickly and easily due to the shape. Also, since they allow a significant amount of air to be drawn in, they generate a ton of heat. Most are surprised to feel just how warm their patio or deck is on a cool evening when they have a fire going in one of these.

Choosing a Design

Although you will see designs on some of these freestanding pieces, here at The Soothing Company we have carefully selected those that still allow the fireplace to be the main attraction, with the detail being the finishing touch. For example, although the Butterfly Chiminea Outdoor Fireplace does have a pattern, it is not so bold that it will take away from prints on furniture or canvas art you may have. Of course, if you prefer to have one that is elegant yet simple, the Prairie Style Chiminea is an excellent choice. This is one that can be placed in nearly any outdoor environment.

You will also find that all of these fireplaces here have their own unique features, so make sure you read through the description so you get one with everything you need. You may want to look for features, such as carrying handles, rain lid, grilling insert, and even a bottom of touchup paint.