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Can you imagine a more enjoyable way to spend your time with friends and family then gathering around a fire at night? Gone are the days when camping trips were the only time the family could enjoy singing and chatting around an open fire. These days we have such a wide range of choices that make outdoor living all the more enjoyable.

Our modern lifestyle has gravitated more to the outdoors than ever before. It doesn't matter what climate we live in, the appeal of the outdoors has become greater and greater. Perhaps it is the result of our more hectic lifestyles that heightens our desire to return to nature.

And what better way to celebrate this change in lifestyle than with an Outdoor Fireplace.

Just imagine enjoying a backyard barbecue on a summer afternoon and then being able to extend the party long into the night as you gather around a fire pit that you have had especially installed for the occasion.

You can even have a fire pit on your patio, so you can enjoy the fires warm glow almost anywhere, any time. Your backyard and patio can make spring and autumn days more reminiscent of some when you can enjoy an Outdoor Gel Fireplace.

An Outdoor Fireplaces can take the form of a freestanding fire pit or you can even install a full-scale model to match not just your heating requirements, but also your decor and the ambience you are trying to create.

What about chimeneas? A chimenea is a freestanding frontloading fireplace or oven, with a plump belly and an open mouth! They were originally used by Mexican tribesman as both a heater and cooking vessel for their family homes. These days they provide an interesting and decorative feature in any outdoor setting. Once filled with glowing embers, they maintain their heat for a surprisingly long time and a great to toast marshmallows and stay warm on a cool evening.

There have been many developments in the forms of outdoor fireplaces even including open bowls like the Real Flame Helios Outdoor Table Top Propane Burner or the Real Flame Hampton Firebowl, when loaded with glowing embers, are a fantastic method of keeping an outdoor dinner party cozy for hours.

But perhaps the most popular outdoor fireplace of all is the fire pit. Most fire pits are gas operated and take the form of a circular pit resembling the old campfire. The size is up to you and they can be up to a meter in width, generating a generous amount of heat for those cool evenings.

You should always check local regulations allow you to have an outdoor fire pit before you have one installed. It is also important to plan how you will use the pit by making sure that your friends can gather round it comfortably at the same time not be too far away from the source of heat.

Every year there are advances in technology in outdoor fireplaces that make them the fastest growing choice for outdoor heating and decor. Modern models of outdoor fireplaces are virtually maintenance free, so you can rest assured that your choice will not only be popular and practical as well.

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