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Enjoy an ‘Old World’ and timeless garden statuary in your yard or garden. The Soothing Company has artful statuaries to compliment your flowers and vegetation. These cast stone statues each have a personality all their own; with hundreds of garden statuaries to choose from. You are sure to find one or more garden statues to suit your own personality.

You may have seen some of our lawn statues on HGTV. An elegant garden statuary makes a statement with a life of its own that is certain to be a conversational topic when visitors and neighbors stop by. From funny and outlandish – to old-fashioned and monumental – each garden statuary represents a unique character that comes to life outside your home.

Soothing garden statuary can be a nice accent to go along with an outdoor fountain or birdbath. Some are designed with matching pedestals, or you can purchase a statuary base for the larger garden statues. People who love their garden will also love receiving one of these characters as a gift. Find statuary that goes along with a special theme, or with someone’s particular hobby.

These are no ordinary garden statuaries. We have chosen special designers who are known for their handcasting techniques as renowned artisans. Among the artist’s names you will find in our soothing garden statuary catalog include famed stone designer, Campania. His designs are made to replicate the natural appearance of weathered aging, with a vintage antiquing effect like the soft patina of platinum and the gentle rub of a weathered stone.

Henri is another of the stone artisans we have chosen to represent our line of garden statuary designs. Known for their exquisite textures, realistic expressions and unique poses, you will find a garden statuary from the smallest critters to the Gods of Greek mythology posing on your lawn. Every designer statuary is meant for outdoor wear and weather, made to hold up many years and withstand the elements with a graceful, yet gentle aging.

Don’t be afraid to try ordering different colors. The silvery and traditional sienna colored hues are not the only choices we offer. Many of the statuaries for the garden are available in a variety of colors, so you can pair them with your favorite posies and radishes. Among the choices you will find include the funny creatures that will make you laugh out loud; such as the Campania Small Dove Pair Garden Statue, the Campania Frog On Lily Pad Garden Statue, rabbit statues, small turtle, cute hedgehog, squirrel, hilarious piglet, and a whole bunch of different frogs, pigs, birds, owls, fish and even dogs and cat outdoor statuaries to watch over your landscaping. Honestly, you will just have to browse the animal garden statue collection because there are just too many to list in this brief overview.

Lest we not forget the other garden statue choices. With special fondness for Greek Gods of mythology statues, the Soothing Company has chosen Neptune, Diana, Apollo, Hebe, Persephone, and Daphne to offer our customers. Bring good karma to your home with a Buddha Statuary, Oriental Master, Temple Shrine, Ho-Tai, Cherub or Angel Statuary to celebrate good vibes. These special statuaries appear to be guarding your garden with their lively smiles or thoughtful poses.

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