Massage Chairs

Get a professional massage with our soothing massage chairs

The Soothing Company’s high quality massage chairs are professional grade, meant for the ultimate soothing experience to relieve stress and tension. Using the latest technology and innovation, our massage chairs are entirely adjustable from the chair itself to the level and type of massage.

With top brands like Omega Massage Chairs, you can experience vitality throughout your whole body. Massage chairs like the Omega Montage Premier Massage Chair have such special features like an infrared scanner that detects your body proportions and back curvature. The software then adjusts to the readings for a super massage that will put you on cloud nine.

Most of our soothing massage chairs are heavy duty, made to withstand weight of up to 300 lbs. and even tall people can relax for a chair massage in comfort without limits. You can program the massage chair for variable settings to target a specific body part, or just enjoy an allover massage in the morning, noon or night and feel great. Each chair for massage is ergonomically proportionate and many have added features, such as footrests, headrest pillows, generously cushioned seating and even soothing music while you enjoy your body massage.

These soothing massage chairs are not just for the layman. Many professional clinics, such as chiropractors, massage therapists, athletic facilities and medical offices will find the massage chairs to be a welcome addition to their great services. Corporate offices have also learned that adding a soothing massage chair to the workplace is a great way to improve employee performance, as the staff has an opportunity to sit in the chair during a break and recharge after a particularly stressful meeting or deadline.

From head to toe, the Soothing Company has the perfect massage waiting with a high quality and masterfully crafted massage chair. We are all about relaxation, comfort and high quality soothing products. The makers of the massage chairs we carry have a reputation for excellence and long-lasting use. Plus, you get free shipping with any massage chair purchase, whether you are ordering one or twenty. Get a soothing massage without having to go anywhere – order a soothing massage chair for a professional massage – anytime you wish!

Massage Chairs