Indoor Bonsai Trees

Believe it or not, fountains and fireplaces are not the only décor pieces capable of turning your indoor living space into a tranquil environment. Indoor bonsai trees are living pieces of art that add the perfect finishing touch to any room in every home. Plus, the art of bonsai is an extremely rewarding and relaxing hobby all in itself.

What is a Bonsai Tree?

It is a common misconception that bonsai is an actual type of tree. This is absolutely not true. There are many tree species that can be manipulated to remain small. By using a small, shallow pot you are able to keep control of the root system growth. When you see a beautifully manicured bonsai, it is not a baby, nor is it a special species. It is often a fully mature tree that has been forced to remain small with a lot of dedication.

Preferred Species

After you are experienced at caring for bonsai, you can try your luck at nearly any species you want. For your first few it is recommended to stick with those known for their consistent growth pattern and beautiful foliage that responds well to cutting. This does not mean you are restricted to only a few varieties though.

If you browse our selection here at the Soothing Company you will notice that we have a large variety that all offer a unique look. The Japanese Weeping Willow offers an airy and lighthearted fern-like quality, while the Jade Bonsai Tree is a popular pick due to its dense foliage that looks exquisite cut into nearly any design. If you want a flowering variety, check out our lovely 5-year Pomegranate Indoor Bonsai Tree.


A bonsai brings an organic, relaxing feel to the space it occupies. However, as mentioned, there is more to be appreciated than just the aesthetics. Growing them requires dedication. These are essentially pieces of art that require ongoing upkeep. You cannot help but get very attached to them as you invest more and more time. Not to mention, you get to watch your tree slowly turn into a stunning display that you created. There are few things more rewarding than this. When you grow tired of the way it looks, you can slowly manipulate the growth pattern a different way.

It is important that you always get your bonsai from a trusted source to ensure you start with a healthy species. If you prefer a living piece of art that is a little less maintenance, check out the selection of lucky bamboo we have here at Soothing Company, as well.

Indoor Bonsai Trees