Modern Fireplaces

Modern Fireplaces

Few people are prepared for the huge selection they have to choose from when they shop for modern fireplaces for the first time. These beneficial pieces of art have come a very long way in recent years. Now there are styles beyond what most could ever imagine. Many assume that they need to have a contemporary home to add them to their space, but this is just not true. They are also ideal for spaces that really have no identifiable theme. They can bring rich depth even to a room that hasn't yet been decorated with other décor pieces yet.

The modern fireplaces we have here at The Soothing Company are powered by gel, bio ethanol, or electricity. All of these fuel sources create warmth and ambiance without making smoke or releasing toxins into the air. Since they don't compromise air quality, they can be put virtually anywhere.


Not only do you have to choose your preferred fuel source, you need to also decide what style would best complement your space. Here at The Soothing Company we offer them in wall, floor, and tabletop styles, in a variety of price ranges, so there is truly something here for everyone.

• Wall Fireplaces - If you have a blank wall that you just don't know what to do with, a wall fireplace is your perfect solution. Since they are typically mounted at eye level, they are out of the way of foot traffic, and out-of-reach from furious fingers and paws.
• Floor Fireplaces - Nothing makes as bold of an impact on a room as a modern floor fireplace. Perhaps it is because you don't see them used as often, or maybe they are just that stunning that nothing else can compare. Take for example our Holly and Martin Rhome Portable Indoor Outdoor Gel Fireplace; the styling is so unique that it is one of our most versatile pieces. Although it will complement a contemporary space exquisitely, it could also find its place in a country cottage room or rustic cabin.
• Tabletop Fireplaces - Any room of any size has space to welcome a modern tabletop fireplace. If you rent and can't mount anything on the wall, or if you just don't have floor space to spare, you can still reap all the benefits of a dancing flame in these compact art pieces. They can be placed on any table, shelving unit, counter, or dresser, and some are so small they barely will take up space on an end table. Our Mika Bio Ethanol Tabletop Fireplaces is a great example. It would even be perfect for your desk at work!

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