Gel Wall Fireplaces

When you break down the anatomy of a fireplace, you will find three major components that make it work. You need wood for fuel, a flame to light it and a ventilation system to keep the poisonous smoke out of your home. Even though this method has worked just fine for centuries, it’s now time you enjoyed the amazing new technology that is available with a Gel Wall Fireplace.

Yes, there is something to be said of the good nature that illuminates from an old fireplace, but the reality of the ever-changing world should give you some peace. The Gel Wall Fireplace will provide you with plenty of features that a traditional fireplace just can’t beat. First of all, the fuel that it uses (long lasting bio-ethanol fuel gel) is far more affordable than cords of wood. There is also the fact that the gel is way more eco-friendly than that of wood; and thirdly, gel fireplaces are far safer than a traditional fireplace. Wood tends to leave a sticky and flammable residue behind during the burning process that is a very dangerous and often causes chimney fires. That does not happen with the gel wall fireplace; in fact you don’t even need a chimney. Gel fuel meets clean air requirements of the EPA and OSHA without the costly hassle of installation and time spent maintaining a wood fireplace. Because it is alcohol based, there is no need for any ventilation with a gel fuel fireplace.

Some of the other features that make the gel wall fireplace so desirable have to do with the visual effect it will have on your home décor options. Think about how a traditional fireplace is built; there is no moving it. With the wall gel fireplace, you can put it virtually anywhere you want, provided there is ample wall space, of course.

When you browse through the Soothing Fireplace catalog, you will find plenty of different finishes to choose from that can match other wood trims or wall colors. Sift through choices like the Real Flame mahogany, oak, antique, white, and stone wood gel fuel fireplaces. These are just some of the finishes that are available to you. Whether you prefer classic or contemporary gel fireplaces, we have what you’re looking for.

One of the best things about owning a wall fireplace from the Soothing Company is the comfort of knowing that your product is made with precision and high quality care. Our company has handpicked fine manufacturing companies like Real Flame and Uniflame; just to name a couple. You can be sure that you will see a return on your investment.

Don’t let your hard-earned dollars go ‘up in flames’ with a traditional fireplace when you can get the same enjoyment of a gel wall fireplace without the worry of cost efficiency. Most of our gel wall fireplaces are surprisingly affordable and super nice for the environment, too. With its interior decorating ability and safe heating options, the wall gel fireplace is a first step to creating a utopia of artsy home décor without worrying about harming Mother Nature.

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Gel Wall Fireplaces