Gel TV and Media Consoles

Gel TV and Media Consoles

Gel TV and media consoles are quickly becoming coveted furniture pieces in bedrooms, living rooms, finished basements, and media rooms. They essentially give you the fireplace you desire and the entertainment center or shelving you need, all in one sensational piece. Some love them for the powerful presence and dynamic focal point they create in a larger room while others appreciate that they can fit more of what they love in a small room or studio apartment. They're one of the most functional pieces of décor to come around in a long time, appealing to a diverse group of consumers.

These units feature a contained firebox that is so strong, it doesn't allow the heat from the flames to affect a television on top or DVDs, video games, candles or décor pieces placed on shelves on the sides. To create a realistic look, some have hand-painted concrete logs and a screen kit, which is the case with our Real Flame Hudson Entertainment Center with Gel Fireplace.

Since every person has different needs, we offer a larger variety here at The Soothing Company. Some are created just like an entertainment center with plenty of space for a flat screen television and shelves with glass doors on the sides. Not all are created to hold a television though. Our Holly and Martin Fredericksburg Gel Fireplace with Bookcase is a great example.

No Venting Required

Gel is an alcohol-derived fuel source that does not create smoke. Therefore, it does not require any venting, so these fireplaces can be placed anywhere. Since they don't produce smoke, they don't release toxins into the air either. This is a fire you can enjoy without compromising your health or increasing your carbon footprint. You can purchase cases of gel right here on our site at an affordable price. You simply place the required number of cans in the fireplace and use a wand lighter to ignite them. You don't have to wait for the fire to go out before you go to bed either. To extinguish you simply cut off the oxygen supply to the flame using a snuffer or the canister lid. Then, you can light it again at another time.

Diverse Styles

We have an incredibly diverse selection here. So, whether you have a contemporary space, a rustic cabin or a Victorian-themed room you will find TV and media gel fireplace consoles that will fit right in. We carry a variety of finishes and colors, including dark walnut, ivory, espresso, white, oak, black, and mahogany, so if you are trying to match a dining room table, dresser, or other pieces of furniture, it won't be too difficult.

Gel TV and Media Consoles