Gel Corner Fireplaces

Unless you live in a dome style home, chances are you have corners in every room like most homes do. If you do, The Soothing Company has a great way to upgrade your home décor without breaking your home improvement budget; the “Gel Corner Fireplace”. With superior ingenuity, we have seen wonderful inventions like the traditional fireplace revolutionized into unique eco-friendly design such as the gel corner fireplace. No longer do you have to take trips outside in the cold to go grab a stack of wood to feed the fire. No longer do you need to have a chimney sweeper come by and sweep your fireplace. Now you can just click a remote control, sit back and enjoy a corner gel fireplace without the hassle.

This EPA and OSHA friendly fireplace can become the focal point of anyone’s home, because everyone has a corner within their home that could be a lot cozier. Soothing Fireplaces gel fireplaces allow a moveable design, so you can put it just about anywhere there is a corner of a room. Inside… outside; it doesn’t matter. One of the many features that make the Gel Corner Fireplace so special is the adaptability to your home décor. No matter what your color paint you may have or type of wood your home is sporting, there is an elegant wood finish corner fireplace gel option for you. Getting yourself a gel corner fireplace will most certainly help you enhance your interior design spirit. The Cartwright Convertible Slate Gel Fuel Fireplace is a great example of a spatially flexible gel corner fireplace because it features a collapsile panel on the back that allows it to also be placed up against the wall.

Another great feature that can look forward to with the Gel Corner Fireplace is the fact that it uses such a clean-burning fuel. The gel is actually made out of bio-ethanol, which is not only incredibly clean; but it’s long lasting, too. Gel fuel meets clean air requirements without the costly hassle any need for ventilation because it is alcohol based.

With a gel corner fireplace, you don’t even need a chimney or flue. If you’re looking to put a traditional fireplace in your home, you can expect to shell out some serious cash. Not only is the corner fire placing a clean burning unit, it’s also rated as one of the safest fireplaces on the market. This can be attested to the quality manufacturers that build them. Companies like Uniflame, Real Flame and Dimplex are high quality vendors that Soothing Company works with to bring you this incredible product.

If you are not mechanically inclined, don’t worry about trying to install the corner gel wall fireplace, because it’s super easy. With all the money you will save, you could have a corner gel fireplace in every room! With such great value and quality design, you will have the freedom to instantly upgrade your home décor in a matter of minutes. Don’t settle for a fixed wall fireplace when you could have the gel corner fireplace.

Gel Corner Fireplaces