Gel Fuel

With millions of customers throughout the globe buying Real Flame Gel Fuel, it has made it into the #1 selling gel fuels on the market. Part of the reason it is so popular is because it’s safe and clean for the environment. The quality of air meets EPA and OSHA standards for clean burning air. Made of premium alcohol, this thick flame is the safest on the market because it is non-liquid and doesn’t break down or liquefy like that of other gel fuels. It’s, “Real Fuel from Real Flame”.

The flame actually looks more vibrant than old wood fires; displaying bright colors of yellow, loud orange and red flames that crackle just like a wood log fire. Plus you don’t have to worry about smoke, ashes, soot or messy chimneys. Gel fuel by Real Flame is better for the environment because it is non-toxic and requires no ventilation.

One can of Real Flame Gel Fuel will burn for about 2 ½ - 3 hours, sometimes longer unless you extinguish it before hand by capping it. The gel fuel is reusable for your next fireplace session, unless you have a really big fire going. Gel fuel costs a mere fraction of cartridge style cans of gel fuel. This solution presents a great substitute for wood fireplaces and without having to chop down one single tree to make it. What an ecologically sound and effective option to those old wood fireplace designs.

Soothing Company gel fuel by Real Flame can be added as a necessary fireplace accessory of any of your Gel Fireplace orders. Of course, you need the gel fuel to run the fireplace, so it would be a bummer to buy the fireplace and then have to wait to use it. Gel fuel can be used in both indoor and Outdoor Fireplace, even with fireplaces presented by other manufacturers besides Real Flame. You can convert-to-gel logs and see our indoor and outdoor convert-to-gel log sets that would be the perfect opportunity to try gel fueled fireplaces for yourself. Even better, Real Flame gel fuel is made right in the U.S.A.

With all of these great reasons, isn’t it time you considered the eco-friendly option of Gel Fuel Fireplace to replace those costly and dirty woodstoves? This is today’s solution for great improvements of the future in fireplace designs.

Gel Fuel