Napoleon Electric Fireplaces

The Napoleon Fireplace Company is another outstanding contributor to the catalog list here at The Soothing Company. With patented technologies and plenty of innovative products to offer, this maker is a nice fit for Soothing Fireplaces. Originally, the Napoleon Fireplace Company was a small fabrication company by the name of Wolf Steel Ltd, out of Ontario, Canada. In the beginning, this company was manufacturing steel wood stoves that – for their time – were some of the more innovative woodstoves on the market. The idea back then was to create first-class stoves that featured solid two-door cast iron designs. Not bad stuff when you consider all of their operations was done within a very small thousand square foot facility. By the early eighties however, the company name was switched to Napoleon Fireplaces. It wasn’t long before the Canadian manufacturer-made woodstoves made their way south to consumers in the neighboring United States.

The Wolf Steel Company also has many more ‘feathers in their cap”; including an industry first: High temperature ceramic single glass door. Anytime you get a first in any industry, you know you have something special. With the demand for woodstoves becoming very popular throughout the 1980s, the company started opening up more facilities across the border. The Napoleon Company now operates in a facility containing over 500,000 square ft and has over 400 employees. In fact, the Napoleon Company is now North America’s largest privately owned manufacturer of all these amazing products: charcoal grills, gas fireplaces, gourmet gas grills, and outdoor living products and waterfalls.

Napoleon fireplaces are quality that you can trust.

As the era of the internet shoppers came about throughout the last decade, so too has the Napoleon Company evolved to offer products to companies like the Soothing Company. We proudly sell Napoleon Fireplaces because of their known reputation as one of the industry leaders in innovative engineering and design companies. That’s exactly why the Soothing Company has chosen the Napoleon Company’s products. Like many other manufacturers on our distribution list, the original Wolf Steel Company has attributes that can’t be denied.

Our customers rave about their Napoleon quality fireplaces, saying how long they last and how nice they work to enhance a room of their home. Soothing Fireplaces plans on offering Napoleon’s trusted fireplaces for many years to come. See for yourself why Napoleon Fireplaces are a smart choice in a fireplace for your home.


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