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When you are looking for fireplace accessories to put the finishing touch to your new fireplace installation you may be surprised to find the huge array of choices before you. The traditional fireplace accessories like tools and fireplace screens are normally the first things you think of. Even in these 2 categories you will find a huge array to choose from. A good starting point is to decide upon a theme that will suit your existing decor. In many cases a new fireplace can really set the tone for a room so it is important to get some consistency in your decor theme.

If you're looking for a traditional style then there is probably no better suited item than a fireplace. Traditionally brass and wrought iron accessories are the most suitable choice for a traditional look but for other fireplace accessories you can choose from chrome or silver metals, sometimes even pewter, to complete the traditional look. If your budget can stretch a little further, you can make a dramatic addition by using satin nickel fireplace accessories to add that extra sparkle.

A good tip is to look at other metal accessories you have in the same room. Make sure your choice of fireplace accessories does not clash with these pre-existing items. If you are looking for a modern sleek look in the use of steel and pewter and chrome instead of the traditional copper all wrought iron is the most appropriate choice. You can always consider using contrasting metal colors for the log holders or perhaps the fireplace candelabra.

Apart from the actual fireplace accessories themselves you can add other items to complement the look you are creating. For example if you are going down the traditional path a silver tea set could be a luxurious addition to the room.

The addition of mirrors over fireplaces has been a tradition for probably hundreds of years. These days they may not be as popular but the idea of having a shiny surface in a room can be a dramatic addition. This can be achieved by using glass, silver or brass accessories.

Of course you had to limit yourself to just decorating the mantle, there are 1001 choices you can make for example screens, hearth decor and accessories including log holders, and rugs.

If you had to nominate one single item that was essential it would be a fireplace screen. The screen will protect your floor from flying sparks and will keep your children safe. You should nevertheless always exercise caution when children are around a fire and make sure their busy hands keep away from the source of the heat. The screen does not have to be purely functional however it can be extended decorative especially when you choose from stained-glass solid brass all wrought iron models. Other accessories essential to having any gel fireplace are the Real Flame Refillable Gel Fuel Burn Cups and Snuffer, with which the cups are used to hold the gel fuel when lit and the snuffer to snuff out those flames.

There is no doubt that the fireplace is a focal point of any room, and when you choose the appropriate fireplace accessories to match your decor, you can be sure that you will not only be adding value to your home, you will be heightening the enjoyment of all your friends and family.

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