Corner Fireplaces

Corner Fireplaces

Corner fireplaces are one of the more popular choices when it comes to selecting the most efficient and most practical fireplace. For starters, the corner of any room is an ideal place for a fireplace. Becomes the focus of attention in terms of decor and at the same time it takes advantage of a central point from which heat can be radiated most efficiently.

In terms of decor, a corner ventless fireplace can be constructed in the most modern design to match the sleek high-tech finishes that modern architecture demands. Brushed metal and ceramic finishes mean that you can choose a sophisticated look or a more traditional one. With a corner electric fireplace you can also choose from a range of surrounds including antique, period, or modern. The choices are just about endless.

With a fireplace built into the corner it is possible to create a complete Victorian feel if you wish. You can do this by adding a marble overmantel and surround, coupled with wonderful accessories in copper, brass or even pewter, which will add a touch of drama and elegance to an antique decor.

Some corner models can be built with curved lines utilizing tempered glass so that you can create a dramatic fireplace with the appearance of an open fire. These models have extensive use of glass and minimal use of metal at the front of the units to give an overall clear appearance.

You are not limited to any particular type of fireplace either. You can choose from gas, electric and gel fireplaces according to your wish.

One of the issues you also should give consideration to is heating efficiency. Every manufacturer will give you a list of specifications outlining the heating capacity of the unit you are considering. The standard measure used is British thermal units or BTU’s. As you would expect, the higher the number, the greater the heat generated. In order to work out the appropriate unit for your particular room or house, you should keep the dimensions of your room in mind.

A simple method of working out your heating requirements is to work out the cubic volume of your room, multiply the volume by 4 if it has poor insulation, or by 3 if it has average installation, and finally by 2 if it has good installation. This will give you an estimate of the BTU’s you need to heat the room.

For example room measuring 10' x 10' with a 9 foot ceiling is 900 ft.³. With an average installation will multiply this by 3 giving us 2700 BTU’s. You should also take into account your local climate and if in doubt always err on the side of a larger unit just in case. One trick to remember is to use a ceiling fan if at all possible. Although this may seem to be counter-productive, it actually assists in circulating the warm air which rises to the ceiling of your room. A gentle oscillation of a fan will keep the warm air moving throughout the room maintaining a cozy feel.

Corner electric fireplaces have always been a favorite choice, and with a variety of designs and heating efficiency available they are bound to maintain their popularity.

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