Tiered Outdoor Fountains

Outdoor fountains can offer an air of luxury unlike anything else. But even standard garden fountains can’t hold a candle to tiered outdoor fountains. These are a sign of both grandeur and luxury known across the globe. There are few things that draw the attention of visitors quite like one of these. They are exquisite, breath-taking, and will most certainly be the topic of conversation for anyone who visits your property. Simply put they make any space feel like an opulent setting.


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Durable Design

Because this style of outdoor fountain has been around for centuries, its design is tried and true. Like the San Pietro Tiered Fountain, They're made with a solid base, and are constructed with only the sturdiest of materials. This is to ensure that the water fountain can last through weather conditions of all sorts with the proper level of maintenance and care.

Even the heavier water flow that comes with these tiered outdoor fountains does nothing to disturb the overall lifespan of the fountain itself. You can rest easy knowing that when you purchase one of these beautiful water features, you are getting something that will stand the test of time and be there for a long time to come.

Splash Resistant

With something as magnificent as a water feature like this, we want to be able to get near it, to enjoy its beauty upon closer inspection. To do this, the fountain itself has to be splash resistant. No one wants to stand near this beautiful fixture only to be splashed the entire time.

That is why each individual tiered fountain is thoroughly inspected before and after the installation process to ensure that the splash level is not compromised. Not only that, tiered outdoor fountains are generally low maintenance. This means that you can generally have it installed and enjoy its beauty rather than upkeep.

Still, keep and eye on the water level. It is perfectly normal to see the water level evaporate down over time. Sit by your garden fountain in peace and enjoy its beautiful sounds. This also ensures that the area around the fountain is safe as well.

If you have young children, you don’t want to worry about them slipping and falling. They can run and play while you enjoy the beauty that your outdoor fountain has to offer. Little maintenance and a whole lot of beauty makes this specific type of fountain a win across the board.

A Litany of Options

One of the best things about getting a tiered garden fountain is that there is an extensive amount of options to choose form. You will be able to find just the right texture and color to fit your design aesthetic or create a whole new look to stand out.

Even cooler is that you can get a design with lights to accent the piece for indoor fountains. If you enjoy spending time near your luxurious water feature but don’t want the fun to end when the sun goes down, you can have it fitted with a lighting system. This not only provides you ample light to be able to continue enjoying the backyard fountain long after the sun sets, but it provides a cool aesthetic as well.