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    “Wipe your feet” was something Mom used to say when the kids went outside and came back in from playing. Outdoor rugs provide a perfect place to wipe your feet – no matter where you live – in the forest, by the sea, on a hilltop or apartment in the city. The outdoor rug serves as a welcoming mat for guests. 

    That’s why we have it at the Soothing Company, where we sell products that put people at ease, such as hammocks and patio umbrellas. When it comes to outdoor décor there may not be a better choice than an outdoor rug. SoothingPatios.com has just the right outdoor rug for your setting. The Milano Outdoor Olefin Fiber Rugs come in different sizes, adding a touch of class to your home or business. These rugs come in berry and earth tones and make a wonderful addition to your home décor. You can use an outdoor rug just about anywhere, not just outdoors. For example, you may find standing in front of the washing machine in the basement to be chilly; therefore an outdoor rug will provide just the right touch for you to make laundry chores more bearable. Or you can place an Outdoor Rug in a sunroom, garage or hallway to lessen dirt tracking into your home.

    These rugs repel water and will last a long time even through inclement weather. If your exterior rug gets dirty, you can simply take a garden hose to it and clean it off. Our outside rug selection gives you dual functionality. The first is to keep the dirt out of your home, and the second is to give your home décor some charm and create a welcoming touch to guests. The array of colors and shapes in our outdoor rugs allow you to mix and match your home décor, as well.

    In fact, the Milano outdoor fiber rugs are so rugged, as well as stain and mildew resistant, giving them a very long life span. Why spend the money on other outdoor rugs that fall apart easily and don’t have a long history of lasting? This awesome outdoor rug also comes with a 1-year warranty, so if for some reason anything happens to it then we’ll take it back! How many outdoor rug makers can say that? Rugs for the outside are just one of those accepted renewal items that wear out easily. With all of these wonderful features, it’s clear that the Milano fiber rug and all of the Soothing Company’s outdoor rugs are some of the better rugs on the market. Add some sophistication and warmth to your outdoor décor with The Soothing Company!


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