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Modern Floor Fireplaces

Nothing can transform the entire aesthetic of a room the way that a modern floor fireplace can. These are beneficial pieces of art that will stop guests in their tracks. As their name suggests, they sit on the floor, and although they create a magical atmosphere while lit, they still bring character to a room when no flame is present.


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All About Modern Floor Fireplaces

Here at The Soothing Company, we carry them in an array of sizes and styles, and in electric, gel, and bio ethanol varieties, so there is something here to complement every space.

Fuel Sources

The easiest way to narrow down your selection is to determine which fuel source you would be more comfortable with. They all offer their own unique benefits.

• Electric - If you think you will want to use your fireplace for several hours per day so you can turn down the thermostat on your furnace while you are relaxing in the evening, then an electric variety may be your best option. They cost literally pennies to operate. If you look at our Jasper Electric Fireplace, you will also notice that this model allows you to even turn off the heat so you can simply create ambiance. When the heat is off, this model costs only two shiny pennies per hour to operate, but even with the heat, it costs only a nickel per hour to operate. You really can't get any better than this.
Bio Ethanol - For some people, other models simply don't compare to those that burn bio ethanol. Floor modern fireplaces that use bio ethanol are extremely environmentally friendly. This fuel is made from fermented sugars of sustainable crops, and the styling of them is usually very contemporary. You will notice that the ones we have here at The Soothing Company boast glass walls. Not only do these walls contain the flame for safety purposes, they allow the flame to reflect, thereby offering more depth.

Choosing the Right One

Once you choose a fuel source, you can narrow down the selection so your decision gets a little easier. However, if you don't have a preference, you will need to simply go with which one you are most drawn to.

Look around the room and decide where you would like to place your floor fireplace. Do you need to be able to rest it against a wall, or do you have a corner you could place one in on an angle? How large is the room, and will you be using it primarily for warmth or ambiance? This will play a role too. If you have 1,200-square-foot room and you buy a bio ethanol fireplace with one fuel burner designed to heat a 600-square-foot space then this would primarily be used for ambiance. For warmth you would need something much larger. Alternatively, you could always add two smaller units to the space as well. Our Buschbeck Hi-Cube Fireplace Stand would be perfect.