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    Pennsylvania-based Campania International has been providing the US and Canada with top-quality water features for over three decades.  This unique manufacturer of garden decor and accents has seen great success since first entering the market in 1983.  Campania International is now a world-recognized name in water fountains that is known for having an unwavering commitment to excellence.

    True Professionals

    Campania International has employed some of the brightest minds in the design business to create unique and stunning water features.  This innovative design team continuously develops new and even more luxurious designs to add to this company's already impressive portfolio. 

    The company's Creative Director, Peter C. Cilio has managed to capture the feel of a traditional backyard water features but with their own unique twist.  This unsaid elegance is what drives this company's projection further every year.  Campania International is among an elite group of garden accent manufacturers who have managed to capture the imagination of gardeners across the USA and Canada.

    When Quality Counts

    Campania International produces some of the most durable and long-lasting water features in the game.  Each unit goes through a vigorous inspection process before being shipped to the public and only the finest materials are used in the construction of these units.  To get a water feature of similar quality at the same price point would be difficult as Campania International is among the most competitive manufacturers available to consumers today.

    More Selection

    The perfect combination of craftsmanship and innovation goes into each piece this manufacturer offers.  You can choose from multi-tiered and single fountains to fit your needs and most of the products offered are available in multiple finishes.  This is a huge plus as it will allow you to tune your décor perfectly. 

    More Options

    Campania International also manufactures garden accents such as planters, plant risers, and pedestals.  This is another bonus of going with Campania International; as you will be able to get additional garden pieces as décor.  This will improve your decor dramatically and help to bring it seamlessly together.  Matching finishes on pedestals and your water feature can be the perfect way to take your garden to the next level.


    Campania International is headquartered in Pennsburg, Pennsylvania.  This local firm designs and manufactures a large portion of their products out of this location.  Campania International has offices overseas that perform similar functions to expand the company's already impressive portfolio.   This combination of both local and international designers consistently delivers unique and timeless designs.

    The Pacifica Collection

    Campania International's Pacifica Collection is custom made and imported from their European offices.  This exclusive collection cannot be acquired through any other manufacturers and it is part of the reason that Campania International is consistently ranked among the best in quality by consumers.   

     Campania International

    If you are the type of gardener that is looking for the best quality water feature at a reasonable rate, Campania International is the right choice for you.  You will get access to the selection and quality that you desire and all of Campania International's products come with a warranty to protect your investment.  A Campania International water feature will outlive its owner if the proper maintenance is applied.  Make this water feature your next family heirloom and experience the quality that is - Campania International. 

    977 products
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