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All Wall Fountains

All wall fountains will look amazing inside your home or compliment your landscape. Whether it is a mirror or marble wall fountain, a water wall is a natural phenomenon that can be enjoyed by anyone in the comfort of their home. This enchanting piece of nature has long captured the imagination of man. You are sure to find the perfect indoor or outdoor wall fountain to match your décor and complete your home or garden. Shop The Soothing Company and you will always find the best all wall fountains available online.


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The essence of nature is earth and water, and both should be present in the garden. In the ancient world, gardens were considered a symbol of civilizations. These fountains were a status symbol for all and were present in the homes.

Splash Resistant 

All of our units have been made with precision accuracy and tested to ensure quality. These fountains are splash resistant and provide the user with added peace of mind. There's no safe zone to worry about because there is no splash. All wall fountains are a beautiful piece, but their value is shown in the hours of relaxation spent next to these units. A rare assurance that makes a wall fountain a true leisure item.

Safety is always a priority for Soothing Company. The best way to ensure a water feature is splash resistant is by buying the unit from a proven manufacturer. Our company specializes in splash resistant fountains. We set the industry standard.

Durable Design 

Durable design is the only way to guarantee product longevity. All wall units are exposed to the elements and designed to stand the test of time. Our company tradition is to master the details of producing only the most durable products including materials like stone, woods, and metals. This combination blends together to produce a truly durable product. The Soothing Company pays attention to the details to offer you the highest standard indoor fountain options.

More Selection 

One size is never enough to fit every garden or home, and that’s why we offer a huge selection of sizes to fit your needs. The history of mankind has shown a distinct cultural difference in the industry but make no mistake; a water fountain was ever present in all sophisticated cultures. Here are some of our most popular all wall fountains in our catalog.

Whispering Creek Wall Fountain 

This beautifully designed indoor fountain is a true classic. This is an office favorite that continues to outperform the competition. The basic style of rustic backgrounds with water flowing over shows the sleekness and soothing sound that goes with the office environment.

Andalusia Wall Fountain 

This Spanish style outdoor wall fountain is a European masterpiece that shows both elegance and simplicity. This wall fountain fits well against any wall. The fountain water flows from the top to a smaller pool and then to larger one that’s part of the basin. The fountain is a wonder of simplicity and known as a very comfortable fountain to sit around and converse. Also, the circular shape makes it easy to maneuver around the unit.

Serene Waters Mirror Wall Fountain 

The Serene Waters wall fountain is a wall unit that’s ideal for smaller indoor spaces. This device is always great to place in the home to pass by as the mirror reflection sparkles from the flow of water. This water feature is a multipurpose wall fountain that makes a useful indoor mirror.

Sunrise Springs Wall Fountain 

The Sunrise Springs wall fountain with is a great office choice. These all-white wall units have a celestial appeal that is rarely matched by darker counterparts. This unit is a true combination of space saving features. This feature is perfect to customize into a logo water fountain.

Lighted Design 

It’s not every occasion one can enjoy your fountain in the middle of the night. That is unless you have a lighted fountain LED kit from The Soothing Company. All of our fountains come with lighting options and the fountain accessories will be sure to add to your fountain experience. Some wall units have LED light fixtures installed standard. These LEDs can run for 24 hour periods without overheating.

Soothing Company 

Commitment to excellence is the mantra of our company and we offer the very best all wall units available. This kind of dedication is the standard our company applies daily. Contact us to find the perfect all wall fountain today.