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When it comes to home décor, there are things you can do to make it look great, but a wall fireplace can make a room look dynamite. For centuries, mankind has used the fireplace to keep warmth flowing through a room. Although this was the original use for the fireplace, over the years the fireplace has also been a way to “set the mood.” 


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Electric fireplaces also have a profound effect on your mind as you sit and gaze upon the fire and think of your past, future, or present. The fire itself has been a part of the human imagination since the beginning of mankind, so it’s only natural that a wall-mounted electric fireplace, like the Napoleon EF30G, will be a complementary accessory to your home décor while being much more practical than an old-style fireplace.


With the new technology of the 21st century, we can now enjoy this phenomenon without the cost or danger of a traditional fireplace. In fact, the electric fireplace has a ton of options that you could never find in a real fireplace. You will be amazed at the many different styles of wall fireplaces that The Soothing Company offers. Our company has meticulously sifted through thousands of manufactures and filled our catalog with amazing fireplaces from names like Real Flame, Napoleon Grills, Orleans Furniture and Uniflame, just to name a few. All of these Fireplace companies have skilled experts who have created some of the best wall fireplace designs on the market.

When you first gaze upon our in wall fireplace, you will instantly fall in love with their overwhelmingly smooth look. No painting could ever bring you the look of a wall fireplace, although you could hang one over the fireplace mantel. One of the most impressive components of the wall electric fireplaces are their ability to match any home interior design and offer standalone art value of their own. The Soothing Company’s wall fireplaces have many different styles to choose from. From a Napoleon fireplace that looks similar to a flat-screen TV, to the Cream Corner Wall Mount that gives a feeling of an old school fireplace, these are just some of the electric wall fireplaces that we have in stock. White fireplaces, black fireplaces, mahogany fireplaces, and many colors and styles from vintage Victorian electric fireplaces to the more contemporary fireplace look-alike with a sleek finish. We have filled up our pages with so many electric wall fireplace choices you will just have to see them all to choose the one that will look best in your home. If you’re looking for an economical way to liven up your home décor, the electric wall fireplace is the right choice. Feeding a real fire is really expensive these days, depending on where you live. Lest we not even bring up the dangers that a wood fireplace brings. Don’t take the unnecessary risk or costly measures of a traditional fireplace, when you can have a totally cool and unique wall fireplace with electric power from The Soothing Company instead.