Whether you are a lawyer, accountant, or simply a small business owner who actually uses their office to conduct meetings it might be time to give that professional space a more inviting look. People expect to walk into an office and see a desk, chair, filing cabinet, and electronics. Rarely is something exciting to focus on. An office does not have to be boring. It really shouldn’t be! After all, you probably spend the majority of your life there. If anyone deserves the atmosphere to be a little more exciting it is you. Below are a few things that will create that “wow” factor you are looking for.


  • Wall-mounted Aquariums – You can expect a lot of your clients to practically put their nose to the glass just to see if the fish are real. Wall-mounted aquariums are fantastic conversation starters and they give the clients something to look at while you are typing or taking that urgent phone call you couldn’t avoid. Fish are very soothing and they instantly make people feel comfortable, which can be beneficial in meetings.


  • Fireplace – You are probably thinking there is no way you can have a fireplace in an office. Even if you own the building and don’t pay rent, are you really supposed to remodel just to add a chimney? Where are you going to keep a wood pile? Well, you do not need to have a chimney or real wood to have a fire. You could add a gel or bio ethanol fireplace to your office without any remodeling needed at all. These functional pieces of art burn clean fuel that is smoke-free, odor-free, and maintenance-free. Clients will feel like they are visiting an old friend when they are greeted by a dancing flame.


  • Bean Bag Chairs – Is it absolutely necessary that you have standard office chairs on the other side of your desk? Wait until you see the look on the face of your clients when they melt into a bean bag chair. Suddenly, they will not be in such a hurry to get the meeting over with. Make sure you have an extra chair that you can relax on, too, as long as you do not have to be glued to the computer.


  • World Clock – People are traditionally intrigued by world clocks because they are not seen very often. Most people program the various locations according to the countries where they have friends or loved ones. You might have an aunt in Australia, so you have one clock set to Aussie time, only to find out your client has a friend there. Suddenly you are chatting like old friends rather than formal business acquaintances.