If you work at home then you probably spend a significant amount of time in your home office. Is the environment that you are surrounded by every day inspiring? Does it help keep you focused, or could it be responsible for feeling so distracted? Most people simply put a desk, chair, and some type of filing system in their home office and that is it. If this sounds like you then you probably just do not see the point in decorating a room that no one else sees. Well, you see it, and you are the most important person. A little art can stimulate your mind, help keep you focused, and even promote productivity. Not any random art will do though. Below are a few wall décor ideas that are perfect for a home office to get you started.


Wall Aquarium

You may think that a wall aquarium would become a distraction in an office, but watching fish swim and play is proven to improve mental focus and inspire creativity. Not to mention, a wall aquarium can help keep you calm even on one of your most stressful days.


    World Clock

    Do you have clients in Hong Kong, friends in Australia, and a family member on the other side of the country? Stop driving yourself crazy trying to figure out what time it is there, and mount a world clock on your wall. With just one glance, you will know exactly what time it is in multiple locations.



      Does your desk look like one giant post-it note from far away? Then, you get up close and realize it is a pile of dozens of little notes, all with important information of some sort written on them. You need a chalkboard wall. You can buy chalkboard paint at the paint store and handle it yourself.



        Similar to a wall aquarium, a fountain will also relieve stress while you are working. The sound of the cascading water will block distracting noises and help keep you focused.




          If your office is a lot smaller than you would like then you could probably use a little extra storage space. Mount a bunch of shelves on the wall, and you have somewhere to stack books and software. You can also place decorative boxes or baskets on these shelves to hold all the odds and ends that don’t have have official homes, so they wind up in a pile or thrown in a drawer.