Have you noticed lately that wall aquariums are being seen in more and more professional environments? From medical and dental practices to casinos to offices of lawyers and accountants, these contained aquatic environments are more popular than ever before. There is a very good reason for all this; aquariums are relaxing. It is nearly impossible to feel stressed or anxious when you are watching fish gracefully playing around plants and ornaments. If they are deemed so beneficial in professional environments, just image the positive effect one will have in your home.


Save space with a Small Concave Wall Mount Fish Tank.  This easily managed, piece of living art is perfect for any living space that needs a little uniqueness.  Only 4.5″ deep from the wall to face of the frame. Hidden compartment for electrical outlet. These Wall Aquariums come with filters, light, item grabber, scrubber, fish net, siphon hose, Australian reef background, mounting kit, easy instructions, removable glass lid and our outstanding customer service.


Introducing the wide, flat screen television version of an aquarium.  This modern, low maintenance, self-sustaining aquarium is perfect for fresh water tropical fish.  For an exquisite wall aquarium, you cannot get any better than the new Aquavista Panoramic 20 Gallon Wall Aquarium.


This small wall aquarium will bring your room to life!  Add one or a few for an innovative design!  This low maintenance aquarium comes with everything you need to get your tank started.  The  Small Porthole Wall Aquarium gives you the illusion you are looking directly out into the ocean!