Most people do not have the luxury of living in a sprawling home with more space than they need. So, if you are looking around your small room, and feeling a little cramped you are not alone. You may not be able to physically do anything about the size of your space, but there are decorating tips that you can use to make even the smallest room feel and appear much larger.

Reduce Clutter – Every object in a room creates energy. Too many objects makes a room feel busy, which is often the case in a small space. Even an extra pair of shoes or magazines laying around can make the room feel smaller. Getting rid of all the clutter is your first step in creating the illusion of a larger floor plan.
Storage Solutions – Maybe you are saying you have a lot of clutter in your space because you just don’t have room for everything. Creative storage solutions will help. It is better to have one decorated box holding your remote control and other odds and ends than all these individual pieces laying out.
Make Use of Mirrors – One of the most effective ways to help a small room grow is to use mirror in your decor. Mirror’s reflective nature naturally adds depth to a room. Ideally, you will shop for mirror fountains. Not only will these dramatic pieces of art add volume to your space, they will create a dynamic focal point, moisturize the air, and mask outside noise. Wall-mounted mirror fountains are the best option, since they do not take up floor space that you probably do not have to spare.
Lighter Colors – You may love dark colors, but they shrink a room drastically. Rather than paint all of the walls that deep plum color you have your heart set on, paint it on one wall and leave the others a light color. It will make a huge difference.
Lighting – The right lighting can really open up a space. Recessed lighting is great for a small room. A solar tube or skylight would be a great option, as well.

Thoughtful Furniture – Oversized furniture has no place in a small room. Just because a set is on sale at the store that includes a sofa, loveseat, and chair does not mean you have to buy it. Keep your furniture to a minimum. A glass coffee table will help the space appear open.