The first thing you should know is that growing and caring for bonsai trees can be very addicting. So, don’t be surprised if that one tree turns into an obsessive collection. The art of bonsai is very beneficial. You may look at it as a simple hobby, but what you don’t know is that caring for these tiny trees and even just having them displayed in your home is good for your physical and mental health.


Have the Right Supplier

You do not want to take shortcuts when purchasing your tools and bowls. The proper supplies will make all the difference in the world, when it comes to having a rewarding experience. Think of your tool collection as an investment because quality ones will last you a very long time.


Pots – You can’t put a bonsai tree in your typical plant pot and expect it to flourish. These trees need a very shallow pot, so you can control the root system.


Fertilizer – Since the pots are so shallow, the soil the roots are in does not have a lot of nutrients. Therefore, you will need to supply it with a quality fertilizer that is designed specifically for bonsai trees.


Supplies – Some of the supplies you will need include a root rake, pliers, branch cutters, wire cutters and special bonsai scissors.


Humidity Tray – Don’t underestimate how important humidity is to the health of your tree. Most homes do not have nearly enough humidity in the air for a bonsai to flourish. A humidity tray is an inexpensive accessory that will provide moisture to your tree 24/7, while also providing the table that the pot is resting on.


Start with a Quality Tree

Once you have been growing bonsai trees for many years, you may want to try your luck with a seedling, but when you are getting started, you definitely want to use an established tree from a trusted source. Keep in mind that some of these trees are very slow growing, so if you start with a seedling, you won’t be able to start shaping it for a long time.

Take the time and explore your options. You may find that you are intrigued by one you have never even considered. Most people are familiar with what a Jade Bonsai Tree is, as they provide a more traditional look, but for something really unique, you may want to also consider a Japanese Weeping Willow or a Hawaiian Umbrella Bonsai.